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Effective Minute Taking for Business

Programme Overview

  • Introductions and personal objectives
  • The minute taker – role and responsibilities
  • Minutes in context - review of meetings and the preparation and arrangements required by the minute taker
  • Working effectively with the Chair

Course Objectives

This one day workshop will enable you to recognise the importance of effective minute taking and why it is important to take in the correct information. This course will show you how to compile concise meeting notes covering all key points without wasting words or time.

Course Content

  • Listening skills – listening for the message
  • Questioning skills
  • Writing concisely and using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Sorting and organising material
  • Writing up the minutes - recording the relevant points
  • Speed Writing – the basics and short practice sessions
  • Minutes – what purpose do they serve and what are the key points of minute-taking
  • Listening for the message
  • Different styles of minutes
  • Using a template for producing minutes
  • Skills practice – taking notes from a live meeting and producing a set of minutes from the meeting
  • Feedback on delegates’ minute-taking
  • Action plans, evaluations and close

This course is available on our open programme, click to see our course calendar

The course is also available exclusively for your organisation and can be tailored to your exact needs. Please contact us to get more information or call 01656 644300 to speak with one of our advisors.