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Effective Project Management

Programme Overview

More people are getting involved in projects, both large and small. Increasingly these projects are carried out over and above the normal workload. As a consequence some projects may take longer than desired. Whatever the size or scale of the project, there are several tools of the trade which can be employed to ensure their success

Course Objectives

Through discussion, lecture and exercises, the course will take people through the different
stages of successfully implementing a project. Also considered will be a wide range of issues
that could constraint project success and how to deal with them. The course will be based
on PRINCE2 methodology, as it represents best practice in the management of projects.

Course Content

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Define and set project objectives
  • Allocate work of the project into phases
  • Appraise financial viability of projects
  • Plan and schedule project activities
  • Progress and control projects
Management By No Surprises
  • Introduction - Projects, The mark of Business Success
  • A structured approach to Project Management
  • What causes failure?
Project Phases
  • Dealing with the life cycle
  • Organising for project success
People and Projects
  • Stakeholders (Who has an interest?)
  • Nobody?s Perfect - but we need a team

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