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Funded Training

For information on any of the funding below please call TSW on 01656 644300 or fill out a contact us request and we will get back to you as soon as possible…

Funding for the Unemployed

Redundancy Action (ReAct)

If you are under current notice of redundancy, or you have become unemployed in the last six months as a result of redundancy and have not been in continuous employment for six weeks or more since being made redundant, you may be eligible for support under ReAct.

This is a package of support that will assist you in gaining new skills to improve your chances of returning to work in the shortest time possible. Depending on your circumstances the support can include a contribution of £1500 towards the cost of training, and in some cases financial support for special equipment needs, training materials, travel costs and childcare provision.
For further details contact TSW Training for advice on training and/or contact details for your local Careers Wales Centre.

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Funding for Employers

Workforce Development – Discretionary Funding

Your organisation may wish to work with one of WAG’s Human Resource Development Advisors (a free service), in which case Leadership and Management training will be eligible for 50% discretionary funding (up to agreed limits). This funding is also available to you if you do not wish to work with a HRD advisor; this will require you to fill out an application for which TSW can provide a link to. The proviso is that the training must lead to a management qualification and/or must be delivered by a training provider that is accredited by a recognised body, such as the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

*TSW Training is an accredited ILM centre.

Funding Available when Recruiting Someone who was Made Redundant

Employer Recruitment Support funds employers who recruit individuals made redundant in the past six months. The award offers up to £2,080 paid in four instalments as a contribution towards wage costs.

Employer Training Support is a separate discretionary fund of up to £1,000 that an employer can put towards the cost of the new recruit’s job-related training.

Employer Recruitment and Training Support is available to your business if the individual you wish to recruit is either under formal notice of redundancy or has become unemployed in the last six months as a result of redundancy.

Graduate Funding

GO Wales Funding

GO Wales is able to provide up to £1,500 towards the cost of training for graduates working in Wales. If you are employed and a graduate (There is no minimum or maximum time since you graduation) then you can access this funding.

It has been demonstrated that appropriate training can boost your career prospects and also to help your employer grow their business. Many employers in Wales are small in size so may not have the resources available to large organisations to fund the cost of training and development – that’s where GO Wales funding can help.

GO Wales can fund 50% of the cost of selected training courses. The maximum possible funding per graduate is £1,500 but a company can receive up to £7,500 in GO Wales funding during the lifetime of the current project 2009-11.

TSW Training’s advisors will be able to provide you with further details on the courses that are fundable and direct you to GO Wales where you can access the funding.

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