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Grinding Wheels

Programme Overview

Incorrect mounting and use of grinding equipment could lead to accidents to people, plant and equipment.

This 1-day course highlights the necessary precautions required to reduce accidents and provides an understanding of key legislation.

Course Objectives

On completion of the programme delegates will:

  • Be aware of current legislation applicable to grinding wheels.
  • Be able to correctly identify grinding wheel types.
  • Be aware of correct wheel mounting techniques.
  • Be able to describe hazards – and apply suitable precautions when using grinding equipment.

Course Content

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Relevant legislation applicable of abrasive wheels.
  • Correct mounting techniques.
  • Safety devices and guarding.
  • Identify hazards and applying relevant precautions.
  • Wheel mounting – Practical Activity
  • Grinding Wheels end test.
  • Summary and questions
  • Close

This course uses a structured series of lively and interesting case studies, exercises and practical skills activities that will reinforce your learning.

The course is available exclusively for your organisation and can be tailored to your exact needs. Please contact us to get more information or call 01656 644300 to speak with one of our advisors.