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ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading


Duration: 5 Days

This qualification is designed to help boost your people's performance as a team member and help them make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. It will help practising team leaders to be more effective and confident in their role.

Who is the Course For?

The Award in Leadership and Team Skills is ideal for practicing team leaders, helping them become more effective and confident in their role. They also support new or aspiring team leaders - helping them make the transition from working in a team to leading a team.

What will the Course Cover?

Day One:

Induction and Managing Yourself

  • Setting SMART objectives and using them to prioritise own actions
  • Simple time management techniques
  • Awareness of own skills and abilities
  • Personal objectives in relation to team objectives
  • Developing flexibility, responding to changing circumstances at a daily level
  • Causes and impacts of stress at work
  • Symptoms of stress in self, implications of stress for workplace and non-work activities/relationships and simple stress management techniques
  • Available sources of support
  • Action planning and review techniques

NOS Units: Links to MSC 2004: A1

Day Two:

Developing Yourself as a Team Leader

  • The various roles, functions and responsibilities of a team leader - depending on workplace
  • Limits of authority and accountability, and how these are defined
  • Personal skills and abilities for effective team leading
  • Using reflective learning skills to improve performance
  • Receiving and responding positively to feedback.

NOS Units: Links to MSC 2004 NOS: A1

Day Three:


Day Four AM:

Understanding Effective Team Working

  • Differences between groups and teams, particularly in the workplace.
  • Characteristics of a good team and the advantages of team working.
  • How groups are formed (e.g Tuckman)
  • How to identify team roles and their implications (e.g. Belbin); how personal values can affect the team
  • Possible types of problem behaviour and causes of disagreement and conflict

NOS Units: Links to MSC 2004 NOS: B5, D1

Day Four PM:

Communicating with the Team

  • Size, knowledge, needs and expectations of audiences
  • Purpose of the briefing/presentation - tell, sell, impel, entertain
  • SMART objectives
  • Planning and preparation for briefings.
  • Presentation skills
  • Venue considerations
  • Visual aids
  • Barriers to the communication
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Summarising
  • Promoting and handling questions
  • Checking understanding
  • Reporting back to management

NOS Units: Links to MSC 2004 NOS: B5

Day Five:

Understanding Change in the Workplace

  • Potential reasons for change - internal and external to the organisation
  • People's attitudes and responses to change at work
  • Barriers to change and how to overcome them
  • Team leader's role in supporting and implementing change
  • Developing and maintaining group cohesion
  • Group identity and culture, value systems, individual personalities
  • Congruence of change with organisation's culture, values and goals

NOS Units: Links to MSC 2004 NOS: C1

Pre-course Preparation and Assessment

There is no pre-course preparation required for this award; though TSW would encourage the learner to consider the topic areas outlined and how they relate to your opganisation and experiences.


Managing Yourself - Short Answer Questions

Developing Yourself as a Team Leader - Short Answer Questions

Understanding Effective Team Working - Short Answer Questions

Meeting Organisational Needs

If you are representing a business the Level 2 Award can be run exclusively and tailored to suit your company's specific learning requirements and organisational needs. There are a number of unit choicers for organisations to ensure that the qualification meets specific Learning outcomes - advice is available from our experienced Learning and Development Consultants.

For further information please call 01656 644300 to speak to our Business Development team or Contact Us via email at info@tsw.co.uk