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Introduction to Marketing

Programme Overview

This course will provide you with the principles of marketing and business development, how and when to apply them and support in the development of a marketing strategy for key stakeholders and new markets.

Course Objectives

The course is designed for those who want a comprehensive understanding of marketing their organisation, service or product. Ideal for those who perform, or who are about to perform, a marketing role and have had no previous experience or training.

You will understand the underlying principles of marketing and the tools required to look at future marketing development within your organisation.

Course Content

By the end of this course you will have:

  • A comprehensive awareness of the basic strategies, principles and tools of marketing
  • An understanding of which tools are most appropriate for the needs of the company, market and product
  • Identifying the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business and marketing key stakeholders and new markets
  • The ability to apply an analytical process to promote the company, market and product organisation
  • The skills to produce a basic marketing timetable that participants can use as a framework for future marketing and business development activities for the organisation

This course uses a structured series of lively and interesting case studies, exercises and practical skills activities that will reinforce your learning.

The course is available exclusively for your organisation and can be tailored to your exact needs. Please contact us to get more information or call 01656 644300 to speak with one of our advisors