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Stress Awareness for Managers

Programme Overview

The consequences of psychological stress are being increasingly taken seriously by health professionals, legislators, the government and the general public. Research carried out by CBI report that stress is damaging health and costing UK businesses huge amounts of money, in fact accounting for more than 60% of sickness absence and 40 million working days lost each year. This course will raise awareness of these issues, enable managers to identify and prevent stress of their staff and deal with sensitive issues in a caring and responsible manor.

Course Objectives

Managers play a pivotal role in workplace stress management and in the well-being of those who work for them.

This course aims to:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of stress as an issue;
  • Equip managers with the skills and knowledge to meet their legal and HSE compliance responsibilities;
  • Enable managers to identify specific actions and behaviours required to prevent and tackle stress in their staff and thus to become more effective managers of people.

Course Content

  • Stress and the law, understanding the legal responsibilities.
  • HSE Management Standards – how to ensure compliance.
  • Identifying the causes of stress at work (and outside work)
  • The implications of stress for the employee and for the organisation.
  • Identifying stress in the team and noticing signs of increased vulnerability
  • How to be pro-active in reducing stress
  • The managers role in the risk assessment process
  • Identifying management style and behaviours that influence stress
  • Creating a healthy climate

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