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Train the Trainer

Programme Overview

This two day workshop is designed for all team members who have responsibility to provide on-the-job instructional training to others ie when you are acting as the expert and giving others the benefit of your knowledge and expertise. The course will provide you with an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deliver a job instruction on a 1-2-1 basis.

Course Objectives

This course will use a structured series of lively and interesting exercises and practical skills activities. You will have the opportunity to explore a range of techniques and actively demonstrate newly learnt skills at the course.

Please Note: This course is designed to provide you with the understanding and knowledge of the delivery of instructional techniques needed to help others acquire new skills in the workplace. If you are looking for support to help you in the role of trainer or facilitator of larger delegate numbers in a formal classroom setting, our CIEH accredited programmes will be more suitable for you.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to clearly define the aims and objectives of an effective Instructional Session
  • Know the key methods of instruction available to you
  • Able to use a Job Analysis technique to prepare effectively for the delivery of an Instruction Session
  • Understand the key stages in the delivery of an Instructional Session
  • Understand good instructional communication skills including the impact of body language, listening skills and the effective use of questions
  • Know how to deploy various Training Aids to support effective delivery
  • Able to deliver a unit of instruction in a clear and structured manner