Working at TSW

"It's the atmosphere and the senior team that makes the place. Everyone feels valued"

Gaynor's experience: "The people really make it"

Gaynor Phillips is a team leader at TSW. She's dedicated her entire career to us, and in 2021 she'll have worked here for 37 years. She's our longest-serving member of staff.

Gaynor joined TSW in 1984 via the Youth Training Scheme (YTS), working on a typewriter in a terraced house in Litchard. Three years later, her role moved to Fairwood House, our current Headquarters and leading training centre.

In 2021, Gaynor works in the admin team, but she's tried her hand in almost every TSW department, "I've worked in every single room at Fairwood House, but not in sales!" Gaynor explains...

"When I started my YTS, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had been doing a business admin course at college, but I hadn't thought about my career, or whether I wanted to work for one company,” says Gaynor. “But the versatility of my roles at TSW meant I always had fresh experiences; I had every experience I could want in one place.

“My favourite role has to be in the work-based learning team, but I’ve enjoyed all of it. There’s so much to get involved with."

"WBL contracts change annually and there's so much to understand… and that's just looking at the eligibility criteria! There's never a dull moment, you just want to be involved with everything and know what’s going on.

"One of the draws is that I love meeting lots of different people, and there’s always a new face at TSW.

"Offsite meetings and work-based learning meetings means getting to know the providers, so there's lots of chance to be social. You don’t just hear voices on the phone, you meet them in person too.

"But it's the atmosphere and the senior team that makes the place. The staff parties are brilliant, so are the BBQs and birthdays. Everyone feels valued because you always get a card and a cake.

"If there are stressful times, you don't notice it because the senior team take it all in their stride. And they look after you. They gave me flexibility when I had children and needed support.

"The personality of the place has stayed the same all these years. It's a personal, friendly place to work. The people really make it."