Adult Learners Week

TSW Training Apprenticeships is supporting the annual Adult Learners Week campaign, celebrating lifelong learning and creating progression opportunities.

In its 30th year, Adult Learners Week aims to raise awareness of career development in Wales.

This week, we’ll focus on how lifelong learning aids your career progression, whatever your position, job title, age or experience. And, we’ll help you find the motivation to unlock new skills in your career.

Adult Learners’ Week gives you the chance to: 

  • Develop new or existing skills 
  • Progress in your career 
  • Build confidence in your ability 
  • Take part in new courses and learning opportunities 
  • Engage in special interests
  • Look after your wellbeing

Unlock your true potential and take part in an apprenticeship. Our apprenticeship qualifications can accelerate career progression and expands skillsets.

Could you be an award-winning learner?

With drive, committment and resilience, and the support of your employer and training provider, you can accomplish anything:

Read our learner’s stories and get a taste of how an apprenticeship can build on your career…

Llinos Thomas and Gwenllian Stephens – Nursery Manager and Level 5 CCPLD apprentice

Gwenllian and Llinos work at a Welsh-speaking nursery based in Carmarthen. Gwenllian has been investing in apprenticeships at her setting for the last five years. Llinos is working towards her Level 5 Management in Childcare qualification with TSW Training. Read Llinos and Gwenllian’s story.

Jac Morgan – Mechanical Engineer

Ospreys’ flanker, Jac Morgan, tells us about his start in Mechanical Engineering, taking an apprenticeship with TSW Training. Read Jac’s story.

Mary Goulty – Playwork Assistant

Mary is a playwork assistant in a childminding provision, working towards her Level 3 Playwork apprenticeship qualifications. She tells us about balancing a busy home and work life, and leaning on the support of her dedicated TA to meet the demands of the apprenticeship. Read Mary’s story.

Susan Jones – Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HTLA) Team Leader

Susan Jones achieved her Level 5 CCPLD with TSW Training Apprenticeships. She tells us about her progression and how she now manages 30 TAs and runs an Additional Learning Needs (ALN) department daily. Read Susan’s story. 

Hannah Rackham – Youth Worker 

Hannah was coached by TSW Training’s Advisor, Lindsay Sandall. Hannah’s employer encouraged her to pursue her IAG professional development when COVID was influencing change in policies and procedures. Lindsay helped Hannah to directly relate the course content to her day-to-day duties and responsibilities, giving her purpose, relevancy and context. Listen to Hannah’s story. 

Michaela Westmoreland – Senior Team Leader

When Michaela started the Level 4 Information, Advice and Guidance apprenticeship, she received promotion after promotion. In her story, she discusses how the IAG content helped her to step into leadership role that relied on her communication and people management skills. Listen to Michaela’s story

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