Jess Hill

Jess has completed her Playwork Level 3 and 5 apprenticeship with TSW. She's adapted to working and learning with dyslexia taking on a manager standard qualification...

Jess's story

Jess is a Playwork Level 3 and 5 apprentice, who works in an early years childcare environment.

In this brief interview, she describes the support she recieved from her training advisor Michelle, learning with dyslexia, and her visual, creative learning style.

Tell us about your learning journey

I have completed my Playwork Level 3 qualification and I am right at the end of my Level 5 Playwork qualification.

I was very apprehensive about taking my Level 5, as I didn't feel brave enough to take on a management course. I thought it was going to be too difficult and unmanageable with my busy life, and coping with my dyslexia.

I am a creative and visual learner. Michelle is aware of this and supports me with this in mind. 

How did you like working with your training advisor, Michelle David?

Michelle has been such great support during my qualification.

I feel Michelle goes above and beyond in her job role. I'm aware she works right through until the early hours of the morning. Sometimes I have received emails at 5am!

She is always there at the end of the phone if I need a little support or an explanation of a question I don't understand.

When my Level 5 is over I will miss Michelle. If there was a Level 6, I probably would go for it!

Anyone is lucky to have Michelle's support if they are studying for early years childcare.