EnerSys wins the TSW Training Apprenticeships Employer Of The Quarter Award in Q4

The TSW Training Apprenticeships Employer Of The Quarter Award celebrates employers that go above and beyond to champion the learning of their apprentices.

In November 2021, the Employer Of The Quarter Award was handed to global stored energy systems and technology provider, EnerSys.

EnerSys manufactures and distributes reserve power and motive power batteries, battery chargers, power equipment, battery accessories and outdoor equipment enclosure systems to customers worldwide.

The EnerSys mission statement is about delivering perfection, and the ongoing continuous professional development of it's staff contributes
towards achieving internal quality as well as delivering quality in the end product. Apprenticeships were a natural fit for its mission statement.

The EnerSys apprenticeship programme

EnerSys had 12 apprentices in 2020/21 who all completed their Team Leading Level 2 apprenticeship with TSW Training Apprenticeships. 

Its apprentices, guided by Training Advisor, Sue Hampson, reflected on the importance of communication relating to organisational and individuals targets and how they fit into those organisations goals.

"Intercommunication between teams was particularly important for Health and Safety," explains Sue, "It's an integral requirement of any role within the business.

"EnerSys' apprentices completed the course with a clear understanding of the benefits of continuous professional development for themselves and for their team members," she said. "They know it's not only to benefit the organisation but as a motivational tool for individuals too."


Why is EnerSys Employer Of Quarter?

EnerSys was nominated for the Employer Of The Quarter Award by Sue: "EnerSys is impressive because mentoring is a daily part of the development of staff within the teams and there is a dedicated learning and development officer, Jade Knight, to tailor learning needs," Sue explains.

Sue inherited EnerSys' learners with just seven weeks left on the clock to complete. She gave the learners and managers a strategy to meet the deadline. She worked closely with Jade Knight to support the team and make sure all the work was in the bank on time.

"Each learner demonstrated a tremendous work ethic," Sue said "and had a desire to finish on time, sending or uploading evidence for me on a nearly daily basis. Without the support of Jade Knight in L&D, and each respective manager, the timely completion would not have happened."

We caught up with Jade to talk to her about what it's like to work with TSW Training Apprenticeships...

Why did you pick TSW as your apprenticeships provider?

We have always used TSW for the majority of our training requirements so it was a no brainer to look at the apprenticeship pathways on offer from yourselves. We have always had great support from you as a company and knew that this was the best option for us.

How well do we keep you updated on your team’s progress? How well do we communicate with you?

Communication was excellent. We were kept up to date with learner progress and made aware of any support you needed from us as their managers.

How well do we meet your needs? And are we good at adjusting to make sure you’re satisfied with what we’re doing?

As a site who operate 24/7, TSW were excellent at adapting to our shift patterns. Meetings were scheduled around the learners shifts and reminders communicated in advance.

How relevant are our apprenticeships to your team’s roles and duties?

The apprenticeships, in particular the Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading were extremely relevant to our learners job roles. All are fulfilling a Team Leader role and this course has benefitted them greatly.

How does TSW support you personally as an apprentice manager?

TSW have always supported me greatly. Communication has always been regular and excellent.

Have you seen any direct impacts of TSW’s apprenticeships on your customers?

No direct impact however the learners have grown in confidence since gaining this qualification

How could we improve and make things better? 

No improvements as your service has always been excellent.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about signing up for apprenticeships with TSW?

Go for it! The support you will receive is second to none and you will gain skills for life!

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