Joel Lewis

Health and Social Care apprentice, Joel Lewis, has many strings to his bow. With a BA in computer science already under his belt, he's tackling the next phase of his career in caring, using apprenticeships to become a learning disabilty nurse...

Joel's story

Level 2 Health and Social Care apprentice, Joel Lewis, is a team leader at a residential college for young adults with austism and learning difficulties. But he wasn't always on that career path...

After completing his BA(hons) in Computer Science, he decided he didn't want to sit behind a keyboard anymore, and wanted hands-on work and to make a difference.

He found his feet in a completely new caring career. Here's Joel's amazing story.

Joel's Training Advisor, Fran Watts, said:

"Joel has almost completed the Core part of his qualification and has only two case studies left to do. 

"He is very enthusiastic and is eager to progress as he has specific goals he is aiming for. All work I set him is submitted in a timely manner and he strives to complete everything to the best of his ability.

"Initially he doubted his ability, as he was unsure of what the qualification entailed, now he is confident and relaxed as he progresses.

"I feel we interact well as he is professional and proud of his work submitted, and just as proud of the way he is progressing in his job role.

"Joel also has a good sense of humour, which in these present times is a very good attribute. I have no doubt in his capability to achieve the standards he sets himself."