Health and social care apprentice, Ali Butt, wins the TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month Award in November 2021

The TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month Award celebrates exceptional apprentices as they work towards their qualifications.

In November 2021, the prestigious Learner of the Month Award was clinched by health and social care apprentice, Ali Butt, who is working towards his Level 2 QCF in Health and Social Care. 

Ali Butt wins the TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month award for November 2021Nominated by his Training Advisor, Wayne Thompson, Ali demonstrated outstanding care and dexterity during his observation, acting with integrity and empathy, keeping a strong focus on care and safety.

This is Ali's story, as told by Wayne...

Unphased by change

When I met Ali earlier this year, he was a displaced health and social care apprentice, transitioning between apprenticeship providers. 

Considering that TSW was his new provider, I was a new face, and add to the mix that Ali had also got a new job, it was all change and fresh territory! 

He was getting acquainted with his new service users and becoming familiar with the environment, but Ali tells me he takes satisfaction in contributing to people’s lives. I was keen to get to know him more. 

His portfolio revealed he had completed all knowledge criteria with previous training provider, and only had performance criteria to complete

Ali identified a service user who would cover the needed criteria, and we swiftly arranged an observation. I noted his proactive attitude and clear communication skills at once. I was kept well informed of the arrangements, location, and timings ahead of our next meeting. 

I felt confident in his abilities from the get-go and was enthusiastic to see his skills in action. 

The definition of integrity

During the observation, I noted Ali used empathy through his working practice, acting with notable willingness and patience to engage with his service user.

Not only were Ali's abilities and working practices exceptional throughout the observation, he also took the time to give his less experienced colleague support and guidance.

He demonstrated an excellent duty of care and wanted to do the best for the service user, doing things he wanted the way he liked and doing his job to a high standard. He was the definition of integrity. 

The highest quality of care

After observing Ali in the community, I wanted to give him the glowing praise he deserved. I contacted his manager to relay my experience with Ali. 

Carers often don’t get recognition for everything they do, or sometimes the unprecedented and challenging situations they walk into, but this gentleman was one of the best performing I have ever seen, and his application and attitude were absolutely brilliant. 

When I’m assessing my health and social care apprentices, I always ask myself: "Would I want this person caring for a family member?" If Ali was nursing one of my family, I would be assured that they are receiving the highest quality of care. We need more Alis in health and social care.

Ali’s employer was immensely proud of him, and that his staff are operating to such a high standard. He wants to sign other staff members up for their qualifications.

An appetite and aptitude for progression

Ali, without realising, covered a lot of the performance criteria for a Level 3, even though he is only completing a Level 2. 

When the observation was complete, I explained this to Ali, and he is now very keen on progressing onto his Level 3. I asked him if he would consider a career in mental health nursing. It's not for everyone, but Ali's qualities, attributes and skills would be well suited to it. 

It gave Ali a new perspective. He hadn't considered mental health nursing, but it interests him, and he was extremely pleased his skills had been recognised. The positive feedback will give him the confidence to move forwards with the satisfaction that an assessor recognises that he is working to a high standard.

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