Health and social care apprentice, Yvonne Watson, wins TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month in October 2021

Health and social care apprentice, Yvonne Watson, won the TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month Award in October 2021

The TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month Award acknowledges the commitment, dedication and achievements of apprentices studying with TSW.

Yvonne Watson TSW Training Apprentices Learner of the month october 2021In October 2021, it was awarded to Yvonne Watson, who recently completed the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Services (Children and Young People’s Advanced Practice).

She was nominated by her Training Advisor, Hayley Lewis.

Reaching higher and higher

Yvonne has Level 3 in Health and Social Care Children and Young People framework. Once she completed the apprenticeship, she wanted to continue her professional development so her employer put her forward for the higher apprenticeship.

When Yvonne first signed up for the higher apprenticeship she was a senior team member. Through her commitment to learning, she was given the opportunity to step into the role of acting deputy manager within her setting due to a change in roles with the management team.

She grabbed the opportunity with enthusiasm.

We reviewed her optional units with her manager and chose the ones that would would her in her new role. She was required to research and develop her knowledge, understanding, and the importance of operational plans and quality assurance within her organisation.

Yvonne then applied for the permanent role of Deputy Manager and on in August 2021, she was successful in her interview. Yvonne is now the deputy manager in her setting.

Facing adversity, challenges and barriers

During her time on the higher apprenticeship, Yvonne faced many issues.

She contracted Covid and was very poorly. Although she had to take time off work, and we paused her learning while she recovered, as soon as she was well enough to return to work, she contacted me immediately to resume her learning.

Sadly, Yvonne also lost her nephew to mental health while working through her higher apprenticeship. It was a very sad and difficult time
for her, but she's very resilient and she continued to work towards her diploma while supporting her family.

Her wellbeing was monitored during this period but I cannot praise her enough for the level of commitment she continued to show towards her development.

Yvonne has gone through so much adversity during her time on her higher apprenticeship, but her commitment to learning has very
rarely faltered.

Her work is of an extremely high standard. Some of her research and evidence has been shared with her training manager and used as part of others development during training within her organisation.

Exemplary employer feedback

Yvonne completed her diploma in September 2021, five months before her MDF. Her manager said:
"It's great news that Yvonne has completed her award and before the set target date.

"I know Yvonne has worked very hard and has always strived to complete her work to a high standard in spite of both personal and work challenges.

"I am very proud of her"

Why did Yvonne win Learner of the Month?

Through her development and research, Yvonne has gained a great depth of knowledge of the legislative frameworks and the theories behind her practice. And, she has been successful in her application for a deputy manager role.

It has been an absolute pleasure assessing Yvonne and watching her not only develop her knowledge and skills but enjoy and embrace her development. She has been through so much adversity during her time as a learner but through her resilience, she has continued to excel.

She's a great advocate in her setting for learners who are now beginning their learning journey and we now work in partnership to support them to achieve.