Leadership and Management apprentice, Emma Bennet, wins Learner Of The Month September 2021

In September 2021, management apprentice, Emma Bennett, won the TSW Training Apprenticeships'​ Learner of the Month Award.

The TSW Training Apprenticeships Learner of the Month Award acknowledges the commitment, dedication and achievements of apprentices studying with TSW. 

Emma Bennet wins TSW Training Learner of the Month September 2021

In August, TSW's Business Services Training Advisor, Susan Hampson, nominated her leadership and management apprentice, Emma Bennett, to be the TSW Training Apprenticeships' Learner of the Month. 

She has achieved so much during her apprenticeship, dedicating all her ambition to her qualification, job role and team. 

Here is Susan's testimony about why Emma should win Learner of the Month... 

A strong leader in management 

Emma has shown great determination to improve upon her progress following our initial meeting when I took her over. She has been nervous about the essential skills but has not let this deter her and is engaged with our Essential Skills Wales team so well.

She has made massive progress in the NVQ and continues her progress relating to assignments, and her confidence in leading the team as well as completing this qualification. 

“She is going from strength to strength” 

Empowering teams and achieving dreams 

Emma has learnt the importance of emotional intelligence, motivation and delegation and has applied this effectively to her role. 

She has come to understand that through careful planning and delegating tasks to the right individual based on their skills and knowledge, she can empower her team to complete tasks. She is building a more productive and efficient team to achieve organisational goals 

Emma has implemented a fortnightly one to one session with her team to discuss targets, and to allow for any coaching or mentoring where their needs are identified.

“She is delegating and empowering to help with motivation.” 

Progress is key 

She has participated in new workshops to understand and identify gaps in her learning. She has put in a massive effort after our discussion relating to progress and is now standing at NVQ 71% and 47% on her VRQ, which is a massive jump of 53% progress on NVQ in two months.