School Resource Hub

Guides, videos, infographics and easy-to-understand information for parents, teachers and young people considering an apprenticeship.

Suitable for pupils at high school, in classroom or assembly settings, the TSW Training Apprenticeships School Rescource Hub is completely free for teachers guiding their students.

Use the presentations, videos and guides below to explain what's involved in an apprenticeship. The content will help your pupils decide what they really want from their career.

Presentation for schools

Use this presentation to introduce your class to apprenticeships for the first time. Use the left and right arrows to navigate through the slides, or view it as an interactive website.

What's covered in the presentation?

  • Blend of working and study in English and Welsh
  • That it's a salaried, professional career opportunity
  • Personal and professional benefits
  • Testimonies from apprentices in 2021 and their successes
  • The type of companies that offer apprenticeships
  • How to apply for an apprenticeship

'How to' apprenticeship guides

University or Apprenticeship: Which is Better for You?

How to write an apprenticeship cover letter and CV

Apprenticeship interview tips

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