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Author Name: Rachael Cox

Job Title: Childcare Route Manager

Education and Experience: 

Rachel has worked at TSW Training Apprenticeships as its Childcare Route Manager since 2016.

Her career has revolved about quality childcare training and staff development, working as a childcare assessor and internal quality assessor for training providers in south Wales.

Areas of Expertise: 

On the TSW blog, Rachel discusses the merits of working in childcare and reveals how to be a shining star in the childcare industry.

She’ll walk you through the different apprenticeships and qualifications, plus how to apply for a childcare apprenticeship. She also reveals the type of questions you can expect to hear at interview and how to move into a childcare vocation you’ll love.


Rachel says:

“To take on a childcare apprenticeship, you need to be calm under stress and have good clear communication skills. But one of the most important qualities is empathy.”

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Rachael Cox's Blog Posts