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"We touch on human behaviour slightly more than admin work and I enjoy reading up on that"

Richard Hywood - Last Update: 07 Feb 2022
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Richard Hywood

Employer and Community Engagement Manager

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For Apprenticeship Week 2022, we caught up with TSW Training apprentice Molly, a Cyclical Surveys Technician at Monmouthshire County Council.

Here she discusses her commitment to learning, switching apprenticeship providers, but maintaining a strong working relationship with her TA, Vicki Hooper.

Hello Molly! What apprenticeship are you taking? And is this your first apprenticeship?

Level 4 Business and Administration. Before that, I completed the Level 2 and 3. 

What appealed to you about your role with Monmouthshire Country Council? What duties caught your eye? 

Added responsibilities and career progression. 

How long have you been in your role? 

Two years.

How long have you been learning with TSW Training? 

I started with Torfaen Training in 2017 and moved over to TSW during the summer of 2021.

Are you enjoying your apprenticeship? 

I enjoy the content of the Level 4 course. There are more aspects that look at business and touch on human behaviour slightly more than admin work, and I enjoy reading up on that. 

It has shown me the things that businesses and big companies have put a lot of time and effort into developing, certain things that we don’t so obviously notice. 

My tutor Vicki has been with me throughout all of my qualifications and we have a really good working relationship. She supports me with everything I need and is always available outside of our set meeting times. 

Has the apprenticeship improved how you do your job? 

It has made me more aware of other job opportunities and areas of work I didn’t even know existed a few years ago. 

Let’s talk about your TSW Training TA, Vicki Hooper. How does she support you? 

I think Vicki is great! Since we’ve been working together for so long, we have had a really great relationship. 

Her teaching style is great for me. She lets me lead my own learning and guides me with her expertise and experience. 

She is nearly always available outside of our set review meetings and offers help with each task I am set. 

She has provided me with extra resources and highlighted different places to find my own additional resources (websites, books and papers). 

She also seems like she wants me to actually achieve not because it looks good for her and TSW but because she actually wants me to succeed. 

How does Monmouthshire County Council support you, and its apprentices? 

Monmouthshire Council had allowed me to take time out of work if needed and supported me with the different tasks I’ve been set. I have had different colleagues provide witness testimonies for the NVQ and also proofread my work when I’ve spent too much time looking at the same assignment. 

Have you been able to develop your Welsh language skills?

TSW has provided me with the Prentis Ilaith course and I am able to improve my Welsh language skills there. 

What are your top tips for balancing work and an apprenticeship? 

I try to do at least an hour a week straight after work so I am still in the worktime mindset. If I have bigger assignments due I will take time during the weekends. 

What advice would you give to people thinking of taking up an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend it, I have no student loans to think of but I still have a great job with excellent future prospects. 

What motivates you to keep learning?

Future career prospects.