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How much does the NEBOSH General Certificate cost?

Luke Pitt - Last Update: 06 Mar 2020


How much does the NEBOSH General Certificate cost?

What's included in the NEBOSH General Certificate fee?

Interest-free payments

Is NEBOSH worth the money?


The NEBOSH General Certificate course usually costs upwards of £1,000 per person for a classroom or virtual course or around £395+VAT for an e-learning course. It's an investment that proves your health and safety credentials, so it's well worth the money.

The key to success is finding a training provider that will provide you with all the support you need.

With TSW your fee gets you a NEBOSH Gold approved provider, a premium venue or learning platform, health and safety expertise, materials and more.

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Key points:

  1.  Our NEBOSH course is between £1,295 and £1,395 plus VAT, but other providers may charge differently for the same course. Check the fine print for what's included to get the right course for you. With this Health and Safety course, you definitely want a quality provider that will support you. Look out for a provider's NEBOSH status; TSW Training is a NEBOSH Gold approved provider.
  2.  Your fee will cover the trainer's fee, the exam fee, plus the running cost of the virtual learning platform or classroom setting
  3. The exam resits cost £125+VAT a time, but with the right preparation, you shouldn't have to budget for it.

How much does the NEBOSH General Certificate cost?

All NEBOSH training provider set their own NEBOSH General Certificate prices. Our prices are as follows:

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Our fee is very competitive in the local and national market. When considering the price, check out a providers approval level to get a like for like comparison. TSW is a Gold Level approved provider, so offers the highest standard of learning and support; this can make all the difference in levels of success.

We make sure we use the highest quality trainers, support staff and technology, to make your NEBOSH experience as seamless as possible.

The price tends not to change too much year-on-year, very rarely changing to reflect changes in the market.

The course costs also include your fees for both NG1 (open book exam) and NG2 exams (Risk assessment project), but not resits (but we hope you won't need to worry about those).

Interest-free payments

If you’re self-funding the NEBOSH General Certificate or placing a number of your staff on the course, we can work with you to arrange interest-free payments. We approach it on a case-by-case basis so get in touch to find out more.

There are a few funding options if you're out of work, or able to finance the course with credit. 

What's included in the NEBOSH General Certificate fee?

Piggy bank

We only work with exceptional people, who we know can deliver the course in a memorable, entertaining and relevant way

Your health and safety expert

You'll be guided through the 11 elements over 10 weeks by a NEBOSH-qualified, industry expert. They answer all your questions during the live training stream and available to you via the 24/7 chat.

We only work with exceptional people, who we know can deliver the course in a memorable, entertaining and relevant way.

They have a wealth of teaching practice - often they've worked with us and our clients as consultants - as well as a real-world health and safety experience. They bring understanding and context from a variety of roles, across a number of sectors.

Most importantly, they've worked with and lead teams navigating high-risk environments. Bringing the materials to life isn’t just a bit of theatre to get you through the qualification - it’s to secure the principles in your mind, so you keep everyone safe back at work.

Your course materials

We spoke to our Head of Health and Safety, Luke Pitt, about what materials you’ll get in our NEBOSH course content pack:

"The candidates get the RRC books covering the syllabus, PDFs and paper copies of the slides, access to the NEBOSH website where you will find resources like the NG2 risk assessment documents and guides, the examiner's reports and the HSE links to legal guidance documents."

You won't need to buy any extra training materials unless you want to do some wider research in your own time.

Industry experiences

If you book onto one of our open programme courses, you'll share a virtual classroom with professionals from other businesses. We train people from all levels of health and safety, from a diverse array of sectors.

You’ll meet managers and supervisors with some kind of background working in a high-risk environment, but it’s likely we’ll have a left-field role in the room too.

Everyone has a view on what works and what could be done better in health and safety, even better if they’ve got a story to share.

It’s why we think learning in a group is so valuable - it gives you a fresh perspective and a chance to debate ideas.

Is NEBOSH worth the money?

The NEBOSH General Certificate qualification has lots of benefits, so you should see a healthy return on investment almost as soon as you pass.

You can get a specialist H&S title

With a NEBOSH General Certificate, you qualify for a Technician IOSH Membership - you can write 'Tech IOSH' after your name - it takes lots of hard work to prove your experience.

You can apply for jobs with more responsibility

Search for 'NEBOSH General Certificate qualified jobs' and you'll see a pattern of managerial, supervisor and specialist roles that match your skillset.

Those jobs might command a higher salary, or better benefits - in that sense, NEBOSH really is worthwhile. 

You're an adaptable candidate, appealing to all employers. NEBOSH health and safety principles can be applied to any sector and they represent a best practice that's upheld all over the world.

Look out for compliance manager, SHEQ advisory, facilities manager and auditor roles alongside your standard health and safety manager roles - you can apply for those now too.

If you're stepping up into a managerial role, a pay rise might be on the table. If you have many years of health and safety experience already under your belt, the qualification doesn't guarantee a pay increase.

In that situation, the qualification is universal proof that you're working to an established standard.

If you're deciding whether the return on investment is sufficient for your business, we've gone into detail in '10 ways the NEBOSH General Certificate improves your business performance.'

Everything you need to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate