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NEBOSH General Certificate Funding

Luke Pitt - Last Update: 07 Feb 2020


ReAct funding

Further education courses and government funding

Family Action Grants

Does the CITB Construction Skills Grant fund the National General Certificate?

If you're self-funding your NEBOSH General Certificate, you're looking at spending just under £1,500 for the training and exam fees. But, there are a number of organisations offering grants and funding, or there are credit options available too.


Key points:

  1. The Redundancy Action Scheme (ReAct) is funding for anyone living in Wales who's been made redundant.
  2. Further education funding from the government includes level 3 tech levels, so you can specialise in a specific technical job.
  3. The Advanced Learner Loan is credit issued by the government which you don't pay back until you're earning over a specific threshold.

ReAct funding

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If you live in Wales and you've recently lost your job following a round of redundancies, the Redundancy Action Scheme (ReAct) is a programme of funding to help you upskill and get back to work.

You can read about the funding and get your application started here.

To get the funding you must follow a specific process. It starts with Careers Wales looking at your CV, experience and the needs of the job market to recommend training. They'll refer you onto a training provider - we're one of them - who'll get you booked onto a course.

It's not limited to one course, so the NEBOSH General Certificate could be just one avenue you explore.

Further education courses and government funding

A piggy bankLevel 3 qualifications, including the NEBOSH General Certificate, can be covered by government funding depending on your situation.

You can get grants to cover the course fees, living costs or childcare.

If you’re unemployed, claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, in an Employment and Support Allowance activity group, or need train as part of your Universal Credit claim, you can access funding too.

Everything you need to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate


Family Action Grants

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If you're already studying, you can get extra support from the Family Action Grants Scheme.

Although Family Action Grants won't fund the NEBOSH General Certificate course fees, it will cover the additional costs like clothing and equipment you need for the course, travel, exam fees, and computers and laptops, depending on your situation.

Family Action Grants' educational grant could support you while you study the NEBOSH General Certificate. They work with people who want to get their careers on track and need to re-train to get a job that works with their family life.

There are no restrictions on the subject you want to study but a commercially focused course is preferred - NEBOSH helps you to reduce the cost of work-related injury and sickness. To qualify for the funding, you must be living on a low income (usually in receipt of benefits) and be 14 years old or older.

Does the CITB Construction Skills Grant fund the National General Certificate?

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The NEBOSH General Certificate is a broad qualification, but it doesn't focus specifically on construction. As it stands, you can't use the CITB Construction Skills Grant to fund the General Certificate.

The CITB would fund the NEBOSH Construction Certificate though.

Everything you need to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate