TSW Is Awarded NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner Status

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We’re delighted to announce that TSW Training has again been awarded Gold learning partner status.

Key Points:

  • NEBOSH is a world-leading accreditation body for health, safety and environment qualifications.
  • It created the NEBOSH Learning Partner Programme to make it easier for learners to find the right qualification for them:
    1. The trainer puts the learner’s needs first
    2. Each qualification and course gives the learner the best experience
  • If a learning partner has a Gold status, it meets the principles of best practice set by NEBOSH themselves.

What can you expect from us as a NEBOSH Gold learning partner?

As a NEBOSH Gold learning partner, we make six promises to our learners:

  • You’ll know what to expect from us from the start. We’ll help you pick the right course and answer your questions before, during and after your study. You’ll be supported at every step of your assessment.
  • How you’re progressing matters to us. You’ll get lots of support to help you through the course and assessment and we’ll offer constructive feedback. You’ll understand how the theory works practically and why it’s relevant to the industry today – crucial to not only gaining your qualification, but also your career success.
  • You’ll learn in an engaging and interactive environment. We want you to get the most out of your learning and that won’t happen if you sit silently for eight hours. Our courses are learner-focused, designed to support and encourage you. The venues are comfortable and recognised as learning centres of excellence.
  • Your course materials are accurate and up to date. You’ll learn using market-leading resources – we regularly refresh our materials to reflect NEBOSH best practice. We’ll introduce you to modules and ideas using unique video and imagery to help you learn, Our course evolves as the industry moves, so you’re never out of touch or falling behind your competitors.
  • Your trainer is an industry expert. They’re qualified, experienced in the field and will probably tell you an unforgettable anecdote or two. They’re ready to tackle your questions and help you learn using your experiences and theirs. They use a range of methods and technology to make your learning experience a good one.
  • We’ll ask you what you think and improve continuously. Your experience shapes how our courses are delivered. We’re committed to improving learning excellence, so we regularly review our courses so you’ve got the best possible chance for success.

Why did TSW Training get NEBOSH Gold status?

NEBOSH audits us so it can evaluate our performance against its best practice standards. We’ll be awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold status according to NEBOSH’s findings.

During each audit, we must prove that we’re committed to its six principals – our promises – and ‘greatly exceed’ them, to be a Gold learning partner.

Our Head of Health and Safety, Luke Pitt, made sure our service was market-leading ahead of the Gold bid:

“We are very excited to announce that our centre has been awarded NEBOSH Gold Status – our learners officially get the best experience when completing their qualification.

“We strive to provide our learners with the best experience and we are wholly committed to continuous improvement. We’re proud to have been awarded such an accolade, which recognises our hard work.

“We’re excited to be offering a number of ways to deliver NEBOSH programmes, including classroom, virtual learning and e-learning courses. The support we offer will be gold standard, whichever way you choose to study with us.”

What do we need from learners?

We need your attention, focus and commitment over ten days of learning, before a final exam day and practical assessment.

The NEBOSH General Certificate is a challenging and time-consuming qualification, but we’re here to support you through it.

The hours of study time and hard work are so worthwhile when you pass the exam.

You’ll return to work with exceptional health and safety knowledge and a nationally recognised qualification to support your current role and long-term career.

What Does TSW Training ‘s Gold Status Mean for Other Courses?

Our Gold status relates to the work we do with learners across all NEBOSH courses and qualifications, but it’s our attitude towards every course offered at TSW.

Getting Gold took focus, planning, conversation, hard work and teamwork. The same effort goes into every course we deliver.

Which NEBOSH courses can you study with TSW Training?

Take a look at the NEBOSH health & safety, environmental management and wellbeing training courses & programmes we offer. 

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Matthew Channell
Matthew is TSW Training’s Commercial Director. He writes about performance focussed learning, leadership, and management approaches that have real-world, sustainable impact.
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