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Ways to take IOSH Managing Safely

Luke Pitt - Last Update: 17 Jan 2020


Virtual IOSH Managing Safely training

IOSH Managing Safely at a training centre

Taking IOSH Managing Safely online

Self-guided learning or trainer-led coaching

You can take the IOSH Managing Safely course virtually, online in your spare time, or in just three days at a training centre.

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Key points: 

  1. If you take the virtual or online course, you'll pay less than you would for IOSH Managing Safely hosted face-to-face in a training centre. 
  2. On our virtual course, you'll get the same IOSH expertise, attention to detail and support as you would in our face-to-face training
  3. The online IOSH Managing Safely course won't usually include live, interactive tuition 

Virtual IOSH Managing Safely Training

A virtual IOSH Managing Safely training course involves real-time training over the internet. Unlike its online training counterpart, you sign up for pre-arranged live training sessions with an IOSH expert.

On the day, you connect to a live virtual classroom and join in with Q&As, activities and debates, watch videos, browse slides and much, much more.

Our virtual IOSH Managing Safely training is all about you

The trainer will help you link together ideas in the IOSH Managing Safely and your challenges at work.  You’ll see through practical examples how the course can be applied to your role. 

If you’re new to health and safety and want to support your business to do more, the trainer can go into detail about how the principles can be carried over into your workplace. 

You'll be mentored by a health and safety expert 

The Managing Safely course is for anyone, at any stage in their career, but that doesn’t mean the contents are basic.  

During one of our virtual IOSH Managing Safely courses, you'll be guided through the materials by an industry expert in an easy-to-understand way. They're qualified to IOSH level five standard and have many years of training experience behind them too. 

If you need to review modules you found challenging or have any questions, they're on hand to support you

It’s a personal way to learn - they put the course in context. 

Learn using real-world examples 

You’ll watch animations, and videos, have a go at activities, take quizzes and chat with the people around you about how IOSH Managing Safely applies to you. 

Bounce ideas around in group discussions

If you sit in silence for eight hours, you won’t learn anything. We’ll ask you to take part in group discussions to focus your mind and renew your concentration. 

Hear industry experiences from all levels 

You’re in good company. Learning alongside you are a variety of professionals who want to have more control and insights about health and safety in their work.  

You’ll hear experiences and questions from managers and supervisors, people with health and safety backgrounds and others who are just starting in their careers, from a variety of sectors, not just engineering and construction. 

Meet your peers

With all these like-minded people in the room, you’ll make some valuable connections. Once your course is complete, your connection with those qualified professionals can continue. 

You can pick dates all year round 

Our IOSH Managing Safely courses run throughout the year. You can study and take the exams at quieter times of the year when it suits you. 

IOSH Managing Safely at a training centre 

If you’re worried about going back into a classroom, you don’t need to be – it’s not an academic environment where you politely listen to a teacher. 

That’s because the IOSH Managing Safely course isn’t typical health and safety. It's fun and memorable. 

You’ll feel focused and comfortable as your trainer guides you through the syllabus with real-world stories, activities and demonstrations.  

You have a choice of venues 

You don’t have to travel far to get your IOSH Managing Safely qualification. 

For instance, we have training centres in Bridgend, Newport, Cardiff and Carmarthen - all on your doorstep if you live in South Wales - but there are providers all over the UK too.   

Time to recharge

You’ll take breaks throughout the day, giving you the chance to reflect on the training and rest your mind.  

We lay on a buffet for our IOSH Managing Safely learners, so you’re full and energised for the afternoon’s learning.  

You’re out of the office for just three days 

The IOSH Managing Safely course runs over three consecutive days. It’s condensed learning - you’ll attend, give it your full energy and focus, then go back to work with minimal time out. Music to your manager’s ears. 

We'll encourage you to turn your phone off, so you won’t be distracted by questions and demands from back at the office, but it’s entirely up to you. 

You've got space to concentrate

On the third day, you’ll take an exam at the training centre. It’s a multiple-choice question, closed book paper which you’ll take under exam conditions.  

It’s a quiet and concentrated environment that gives you the best chance to pass.   

In December 2019, 100% of our professional learners passed the IOSH Managing Safely course with 70 marks or more.*

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Take IOSH Managing Safely online

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The course materials are the same whether you take the IOSH Managing Safely in the training centre or on the internet, but as it's self-guided learning you're solely responsible for interpreting the course contents and passing the exam.

Distance yourself from noise and distraction 

If you find a group environment is more of a hindrance than a help, the online IOSH managing safely course is your best bet. 

You can study quietly at home, library or even in the break room, with your headphones on. 

How much will it cost? 

If you can’t afford the £525+VAT three-day intensive IOSH Managing Safely course, the online course stands at about £195+VAT – it's a saving, but only if you pass the course. 

Don’t end up paying for it twice. Make sure you’ve got: 

  • Focused time to study
  • Patience to research
  • Experience to apply it to your job  
  • Discipline to see it through
  • Support at work if you need some practical help 

How long will it take? 

You need about 32 hours to study for the IOSH Managing Safely online. 

For the exams and practical assessment, set aside another three hours.  

Before you buy, you’re available to do the course within the allocated time before you sign up.  

If you’re studying on top of your day job or around family life, put aside focused time so you can concentrate on the materials. It’s a challenging starter course that needs your full attention. 

Start your studies straightaway 

You can start studying immediately, on any device. Download the course modules just in case you can’t access the internet while you’re studying.  

Use practise questions 

Do as many practical examples as you can and put the theory to the test. You could even approach your managers and ask how the theory applies to your role if they've already done the course.

Critically, the online course will tell you if you've answered a question incorrectly and what the right answer is, but not always why it’s wrong - you'll have to unpick your misunderstanding and get a handle on the reasons behind right answer for yourself.

Understanding the why behind health and safety process is critical when you get back to work - it allows you to challenge unsafe practices and confidently apply what you've learnt.

Ask for help when you need it 

When you’re reading the course materials, speak to a trainer if you get stuck.

None of the information in IOSH Managing Safely stands alone - your knowledge builds through the course.

Feel confident that you’ve understood each module before you move onto the next.  If you get to the exam and still don’t understand, take time to review and revise before you take the exam.

Self-guided learning or trainer-led coaching

If you're undecided between a distance learning online course, or face-to-face training think carefully about how you prefer to learn.

An online course is convenient and cheap, but you'll need the time and space to concentrate and revise. It gives you the flexibility to take the course over several months. If you thrive on self-directed projects and have the free time to get lost in learning with your headphones on, it might be right for you.

If you have a busy working or home life, going to a local training centre sets aside three focused days, so you get the qualification quickly. It's similar to an intensive driving course - you learn everything you need to know in a concentrated time, with an expert at your side and other learners around you.

*12 learners took the course between 09 December - 11 December 2019, passing with 70 marks or more - 89, 88, 78, 95, 86, 78, 90, 88, 70, 84, 82, and 94.