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Ways to take the NEBOSH General Certificate

Luke Pitt - Last Update: 27 Mar 2020


Classroom NEBOSH General Certificate

Virtual delivery

In-house NEBOSH General Certificate

Tailored NEBOSH General Certificate

You can attend a NEBOSH General Certificate course in an open classroom setting with professionals from other businesses, or exclusively with your colleagues...

We serve up the NEBOSH General Certificate three ways. The first is to jump on an open programme course with other learners. The second is to bring the training to your business, or third, build a tailored programme that's unique to you.

A group of professionals take notes during a lecture

Key points:

  1. If you join an open programme NEBOSH General Certificate course, you'll rub shoulders with health and safety professionals working in diverse businesses and sectors.
  2. An in-house NEBOSH programme lifts the entire qualification out of the classroom, straight into your workplace.
  3. A tailored NEBOSH General Certificate is a re-designed course, bespoke to meet your business objects. It could take place in our venue, or at your business.

Classroom NEBOSH General Certificate

A group of professional learners in a training venue

Anyone can attend our open programme NEBOSH General Certificate course. You can choose between four venues across South Wales. They're open to roughly 15 to 20 people per course.

Your classmates' professional background and the sector they work in could be very different from your own. What you have in common is a need to improve health and safety at your organisation and the motivation to advance your career with training.

During the course, your trainer will encourage you to discuss the syllabus together, sharing stories and experiences from your workplace. You'll be able to visualise the theory in various situations. It'll help you to remember the course content and apply what you know in the exam.

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Does your business have a specific health and safety objective? Maybe a large group staff who needs the training? Or, perhaps your business processes are embargoed? In these situations, it's not suitable to share the classroom with third party organisations.

You can book an entire NEBOSH General Certificate course just for your staff. They'll attend our training venue altogether and take the qualification all at the same time.

Everything you need to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate


Virtual delivery or E-learning

The virtual NEBOSH General Certificate course is personal, face-to-face training, online. We use video conferencing to connect you with NEBOSH experts and your classmates.

You'll use an online learning environment and learn as you play with interactive whiteboards, videos and activities.

Your NEBOSH trainer will invite you to virtual classroom training sessions via email. All you have to do is log in.

If you have questions after the session, your virtual class has a special live chat exclusively for you, your trainer and fellow students - just add your thoughts and everyone can discuss

Our virtual environments are designed to be easy to use and access, but we'll give you lots of help getting up and running before your course starts. We're just on the end of an email if you need some support.

Alternatively, you can take our e-learning online NEBOSH general course, which is self-paced and completed purely online via our learning portal.

Read more about the differences between the virtual and e-learning IOSH courses.

In-house NEBOSH General Certificate

Inside an office with a handful of workers at socially distant desks

We'll lift the entire course out of our training centre and bring it to you

If it's easier for you to have training on-site in your building, or at a particular venue, we'll make it happen.

All we need to know is:

  • When would you like the course to start?
  • How many staff will attend?
  • Is there a particular trainer you'd like to work with?
  • Where will the training be held?

Plus a bit about the facilities, like the display screens, WiFi and accessibility.

We'll lift the entire course out of our training centre and bring it to you.

The fees for on-site NEBOSH courses can work out much cheaper per person. We charge a day rate plus the cost of NEBOSH registration and any expenses.

You can host a Fast Track or Standard course. Which you pick is entirely dependant on how quickly you need the qualification completed, and if you can spare your staff from their daily duties in week-long blocks. Find out more about the fast track NEBOSH.

The courses are identical, but the Fast Track has an accelerated delivery time, chopping the qualification down from 10 weeks to just six.

Tailored NEBOSH General Certificate

A small group of people discuss an agile project

A tailored programme is designed target faults and fix them

This final option is a collaboration between us. If you have a problem to solve (for example, your work-related absence data is showing a worrying pattern) a tailored programme is designed target the faults and fix them.

The NEBOSH General Certificate principles and syllabus remain in-tact. It's adjusted to fit your agenda:

  • Case studies and illustrations, unique to your business, which roots the elements in your real-world of work
  • Group problem-solving focused on a specific issue
  • Attendees understand what specific health and safety areas they need to review after the training
  • Clear objectives and defined key performance indicators, so you can measure and monitor return on investment

We can't tailor it without your insights about how the business works, its vulnerabilities and challenges.

We require your time before the course begins to define the training strategy.

You'll get in a room with our course leaders and commercial team and hash out what you want to achieve. We'll build the course structure together.

We can recommend which roles should attend, how to prepare them for the course, how to coach them through the exams and practical, plus how to manage change when your team puts the training into action.

If you think a tailored programme is right for your business, contact the team to get started.

Everything you need to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate