What is ILM Recognition?

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ILM provides an opportunity for employers and training providers like TSW, to submit their leadership and management training programmes to get Recognition from ILM.

If a course has ILM Recognition, you can be certain the course retains ILM’s learning outcomes and meets its high standards.

Key points

  • Off-the-shelf ILM leadership and management courses can be tailored by a training provider so the content within them is unique
  • Those refined courses are reviewed and approved by ILM before they can be delivered to learners
  • Once approved by ILM, the training is labelled as ‘ILM Development’ or ‘ILM Endorsed’ to prove it meets ILM’s high standards

What is ILM Recognition?

Management and leadership training courses and programmes can be designed to suit specific organisations, or as more generic manager development programmes.

It gives us the flexibility and freedom to adapt our leadership, management and coaching training programmes. We could adjust the length, content and delivery of our ILM course, plus tailor the assignment, to give it greater relevancy and context for you.

Any revisions we suggest are rigorously checked and signed off by ILM. ILM completes a quality assurance process for every adjusted course to check it still achieves the prescribed learning outcomes and meets its exemplary standards.

If a course has ILM Recognition, ILM’s has given its stamp of approval. Its publicly confirming that the training provider has gone beyond the benchmark for quality.

ILM Endorsed vs Development

Through the ILM recognition process our leadership and management training courses can be recognised in the following two ways:

  • An ILM Endorsed Course – a programme that has a learner assessment included i.e. an exam, project or assignment. Learners are certificated for successful completion of the assessment plus attendance.
  • An ILM Development Course – a programme that has no formal assessment for learners. Learners are certificated for their attendance.

When working with TSW (or another provider) you will be able to have an ILM Endorsed or Development course designed for you. It will be your choice whether you wish to include an assessment in the programme. You may also choose one of our recognised courses if you find that they meet your needs.

Leadership pushed to the limit

The skills our apprentices learn on a Leadership & Management course can prepare them for almost anything.

Listen to our ILM Level 5 delegate Jamie Davies, talk to us about flexing his leadership muscles in the Jordanian desert, during his time as a recruit on SAS: Who Dares Wins.

What benefits does ILM Recognition give you and us?

  • Gives us ILM Recognised provider status.
  • All learners receive an ILM branded Endorsed or Development certificate on successful completion of the course.
  • We get expert support and guidance from ILM to ensure we are at the top of our game.
  • All learners working towards an Endorsed or Development programme get studying membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management. With membership, they get access to delivery and assessment guides, eWorkbooks, videos and training resources.
  • You can see at a glance that your managers are developed to ILM’s high standards, validating your organisation’s investment in management talent and performance

Need to develop your Leadership and Management skills?

Here are just some of courses we offer at TSW:

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