What is an ILM Recognised Programme?

Leadership and Management Programmes Endorsed and Recognised by ILM

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ILM Recognised provides an opportunity for employers and training providers, like TSW, to submit their leadership and management training programmes to get Recognition from ILM.

If a course is ILM Recognised, you can be confident it aligns with ILM’s world-class leadership and management training standards.

Key points

  • ILM’s Recognition service allows us to tailor our existing leadership and management courses for you
  • We can design ILM Recognised programmes from the ground up, bespoke to specific requirements
  • All courses must be reviewed by ILM Recognised consultants who will assess the programme against four components.
  • Once approved by ILM, the training is labelled as ‘ILM Recognised’, proving it meets ILM’s high standards
  • Following approval, successful learners will receive an ILM Recognised digital credential and a Credly profile

What is ILM Recognised?

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) provides world-class leadership, management and coaching qualifications, but what about those times when you want the quality assurance that ILM brings but in a programme tailored to your business and its specific needs?

That’s where ILM recognition steps up to the plate.

ILM Recognised is ILM’s service for endorsing existing or new training programmes, ensuring they meet the highest standards while providing organisations and learners with recognition from an ILM-endorsed certificate. 

If a course has ILM Recognition, ILM has given it their stamp of approval. 


Routes to an ILM-Recognised Course

TSW’s Recognised Programmes

TSW has developed recognised programmes to tackle specific Leadership, Management and Coaching development areas.

All our recognised courses have been designed from scratch and submitted to ILM for quality assurance. They include

If you think one of our recognised programmes will fit your needs, you can enquire here for more information on how we can help.

Getting Your Leadership and Management Programmes ILM Recognised with TSW

Getting a programme recognised by ILM couldn’t be more straightforward; we will work with you to understand your needs and design a programme to achieve your desired outcomes.

Once we have developed the programme, we will complete the ILM Recognised approval process.

Here’s an overview of the steps we take to get the ILM Recognised stamp of approval:

  • We package up all the evidence required by ILM, including the lesson plans and content for the programme at hand
  • We submit the evidence to ILM
  • An ILM Recognised consultant reviews the application
  • TSW meets with the consultant to discuss the programme
  • TSW receives notification once the programme is approved and the programme is ready for delivery
  • Once approved, TSW can deliver the programme or hand it to you for in-house delivery.

ILM’s consultants review all programmes annually to preserve their high standards. TSW looks after this process to ensure your approved programmes are ready to go when needed.

Do you have a leadership and management training need in your organisation right now?

You can enquire here for more information on:

  • Our off-the-shelf recognised courses, which one of our expert facilitators can deliver to your staff
  • Having a course designed and ILM approved, which TSW will deliver to your staff
  • Having a course designed and ILM approved, which you can then deliver yourself (quality assurance standards apply)

What are the benefits of ILM Recognised Programmes?

  • Motivate and Inspire: ILM Recognised is an endorsement of new or existing training programmes that can motivate and inspire the talent within your organisation
  • Working Together with Your Training Provider: You can work in close collaboration with TSW to develop leadership, management and coaching training programmes that fit your business needs, that develop your talent, improve performance and tackle skills gaps.
  • Flexible Programme Design: With our training design service and the flexibility of ILM recognition, you can define your own objectives, set your own criteria and motivate your people with a bespoke programme endorsed by a world-leading authority in Leadership and Management
  • Digital Certification and Credentials: Learners who complete an ILM Recognised programme receive a digital credential representing the knowledge, skills, or behaviours they develop through the programme. Digital credentials allow graduates to share their accomplishments online and through platforms such as Linkedin
  • Branded Certificates: ILM printed certificates are also available with the option to add your organisation’s logos and text to make them bespoke to you.

ILM Recognised Programmes Not What You’re Looking For?

Here are some of the ILM qualifications we offer:

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