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Hello! Welcome to The Happy Manual. A happiness at work and career fulfilment podcast, produced by TSW Training and presented by Alice Asprou and Amanda Bathory-Griffiths. The Happy Manual magazine, which you can read here, is released once a quarter with a podcast companion, so you can get all the goodness of the manual, on the move.

Once a week, its spin off – The Happy Manual: An Extra Smile – delivers an interview with a fantastic TSW Training learner, so you can find out about career and skills development, plus what makes them happy at work, in different sectors and roles.

Episode 1: Walking For Wellbeing

We chat to training advisor, Sue Hampson about using Eisenhower’s Matrix to balance your work and wellbeing. Tourism expert, Nia Hollins, reveals the legends and myths woven into walks around the Vale of Glamorgan. Owner of Walk N Talk talking therapy service, Kirsty Kelly, wanders away her worries. Essential Skills training advisor, Jessica Webb, borrows her way to wellbeing with BorrowMyDoggy. We pull on our walking boots and join Health And Social Care training advisor, Emma Jones, as she walks 100 Miles For Mind around Fforest Fawr. And finally we meet two exceptional apprentices who’ve just wrapped up their studies. Stuart Macaulay-Lane and Emily Casey tell us about their experiences and hopes for the future.

Episode 2: An Extra Smile with Mia-Beth Poulton Davies

On the show today, we’re chatting to our superstar Learner Of The Month, Mia-Beth Poulton Davies, about her ambitions to be a photographer and journalist, her growing confidence and love of working in the family business, Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts in Bridgend. Support Mia-Beth and find out more about Aluminium Windows & Shopfronts by following their Instagram channel, @awshopfronts. 

Episode 3: An Extra Smile with Dan Ford

On the show today, we meet Engineering apprentice, Dan Ford. He works for Rocialle Healthcare in Mountain Ash and won our Learner Of The Month award for his hard work and perseverance during his engineering apprenticeship. Daniel’s love for learning just keeps growing, mapping out a career full of qualifications. We chatted to him about his ambitions and how his TSW Training apprenticeship will set him on the right track to achieving a lifelong dream. 

Episode 4: An Extra Smile with Tom Bradley

How often do you arrive at work with a plan and the best of intentions, only to be overrun by emails, or be swept up by the priorities of your colleagues? It happens to all of us! Fortunately joining us on episode 3 of The Happy Manual: An Extra Smile is a leadership and management apprentice who has learnt how to combat that very issue. Recreation Duty Supervisor at Aneurin Leisure, Tom Bradley tells us about how he learnt to balance workload and time using the Eisenhower Matrix, a technique he picked up during his ILM Level 4 apprenticeship.

Episode 5: How To Manage Stress At Work

In this episode of The Happy Manual, highways engineer, Stephen Sherwood, describes stress and strain from an engineer’s perspective. He uses the analogy of loads placed on a simple wire coathanger to describe managing loads and balancing tasks without straining your mind and body. 

Episode 6: An Extra Smile With Karen Evans

Organising childcare and free school meals for the children of key workers, it was a responsbility Karen had never had before. She worked around the clock to make sure that all the children stayed with their with familiar classmates. In this episode, she speaks to Alice Morgan about how she balanced all that new responsibility with her apprenticeship and applied everything she learnt from her leadership and management ILM course.

Episode 7: An Extra Smile With Jamie Davies

Today we’re joined by Recruit 1, otherwise known as Jamie Davies, from series 7 of the Channel 4 TV Show, SAS: Who Dares Wins. He also happens to be one of TSW’s ILM alumni. Here he describes the intensity of his experience at the SAS Military Base in Jordan. In punishing desert heat, enduring barked leadership tactics, Jamie discovered that strength is a state of mind, and that under harsh orders is an individualistic approach, uniting teams and powering you onto win.  

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Episode 8: An Extra Smile With Louise Coates

What makes an amazing afterschool club? Playwork apprentice Louise Coates says it’s all about play! Sheep, chickens, pizza ovens, mud pies and water pistols. She spoke to our reporter Amanda about putting play at the heart of the club, giggling with the little ones and supporting
the older children after a hard-working day at school. Her efforts mean the parents have peace of mind, and the children don’t want to leave! 
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