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Teaming up to bring you experiential training that's highly engaging and makes an impact

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Margan Park Adventure Black LogoTSW Training is excited to announce a new partnership with Margam Park Adventure (MPA), renowned for delivering dynamic outdoor experiences. This collaboration will fortify TSW’s leadership and management training offerings, infusing them with experiential and contextualised learning that is both fun and impactful.

Under owner Ben Bailey’s guidance, Margam Park Adventure offers a unique approach to corporate and group days, set against the backdrop of the picturesque Margam Country Park.

Situated just 1 minute off the M4 & with on-site activities, Margam Park is the perfect venue for TSW’s new blended and experiential course approach.

MPA’s activities can be tailored to most requirements. TSW will be integrating them to test and improve skills like…

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Problem-Solving
  • Team collaboration
  • Communication
  • Resilience, and more.

More than that, MPA’s activities are just the ticket to welcome new team members, add excitement and engagement to training courses, or bring teams together. There’s something for every objective!

Partnering to Provide Exceptional Learning

This partnership aligns perfectly with TSW Training’s commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences. By integrating Margam Park Adventure’s expertise in outdoor activities with our proven training methodologies, we are creating a unique platform where learning is informative and exhilarating.

The synergy between the two companies will allow clients to step outside the traditional classroom setting and into an environment where hands-on learning is directly applicable to real-world scenarios.

This approach is particularly beneficial for organisations looking to enhance their team’s leadership and management skills in a memorable and engaging way.

We believe the best learning happens when it’s enjoyable and resonates personally. With Margam Park Adventure, we will deliver training programs that are not only educational but also truly unforgettable.

Breathtaking Experiences by Water or Land

TSW and MPA’s qualified facilitators and coaches can customise activities and courses to meet your developmental needs. Their custom approach can be tailored for team training, building, or offering a refreshing introduction to your organisation. 

In addition to this tailored approach, this partnership brings a range of exciting activities to TSW and MPA clients:

Margam Park Adventures’ breathtaking venue boasts a private lake for water-based activities. You can combine TSW courses with activities such as Kayaking, CanoeingStand Up Paddle Boarding, and Raft Building.

For those seeking a thrill or a competitive edge, they offer Trail Mountain Biking and guided eBike tours across 850 acres of parkland.

If problem-solving is on the agenda, MPA’s Orienteering scavenger hunt and team-building challenges provide an excellent opportunity to engage both body and mind. The day can be rounded off with a relaxing Yoga session or a precision test with Archery.

These activities seamlessly integrate with TSW’s courses and workshops to maximise learning retention and impact, aligning with client objectives.

Each session or team-building day is tailored to their client’s needs, from the number and types of activities to their duration and complexity. This bespoke approach considers the number of participants, their abilities, and the objectives for the day.

A team of women celebrating a successful activity at Margam Park Adventure

Catering Options to Create Complete Experiences

Catering is as flexible as the activities, with external catering options to suit various dietary needs and budgets.

Additionally, there is an on-site cafe that can be utilised as desired. For those requiring indoor facilities, there is the option to hire a room in the Castle or a classroom in the Discovery Centre.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting partnership and the innovative training programs it will bring.

Unforgettable Learning Experiences

The partnership between TSW Training and Margam Park Adventure represents a commitment to delivering training that is not just educational but unforgettable.

Together, we are redefining the future of leadership & management development and corporate experiences.

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Matthew is TSW Training’s Commercial Director. He writes about performance focussed learning, leadership, and management approaches that have real-world, sustainable impact.
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