The Royal Mint Case Study

Improving safety culture through IOSH qualifications.

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The Royal Mint Case Study Overview​

As the World’s leading mint and a tier 1 COMAH site, we need to ensure all our staff are knowledgeable and competent in health and safety within the workplace. We are keen to maintain a health and safety culture, where the safety of individuals is our number one priority. 

The Royal Mint's Training Brief

The aim of the training was to improve safety culture within the organisation by giving individuals a good understanding of their health and safety responsibilities while teaching them how to keep themselves and others safe at work.

TSW's Solution

The IOSH Working Safely course delivered by TSW intended to provide the attendees with an understanding of identifying hazards, risk assessment, protecting the environment and maintaining an improved safety culture.

We expect everyone in our organisation to be involved in health, safety and environmental activity throughout their working day. By providing them with a training course that is delivered comprehensively and professionally, we support this aim. TSW provided us with training that suited our needs in terms of content and delivery style.

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Return On Investment

As we have a long standing working relationship with TSW, over many years we have established trust in their ability to train our employees in a way that allows the learning to be easily transferred into the workplace.

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