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Introducing our new suite of virtual online courses in Health and safety and Leadership and Management. Discover world-class online training at the click of a button.


Join our virtual online courses - do it online!

We’ve recreated the classroom experience online, so you can easily access several of the UK’s most respected and recognised courses, wherever you are. We have online training in:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Business Skills and Interpersonal Skills
  • Quality Management

To see the online courses we currently have scheduled dates for click here - Don't forget that most of our traditional classroom courses can be delivered to groups remotely, just for your organisation.

A supportive learning experience

We use a variety of techniques to support your online learning, so you get as much from the course online as you would face-to-face. We use interactive whiteboards, watch videos, run live polling and much more to bring course materials to life.

You're not passively watching an instructional film from the archives – you'll join an online virtual classroom, chat to the trainer and meet your classmates in real-time. You'll have the chance to play intellectual games, participate in group activities and discuss, and get a real-world understanding of how to apply your learning.

How much does online learning cost?

Paying by card online

Each course is individually priced for solo learners and corporate teams working remotely. We have a schedule of courses available for you to book online or you can contact us to discuss your training needs and book your place on one or more of our courses. Please contact us by completing our enquiry form, and someone will get back to you.

In-House - If you are looking for a virtual course that is run exclusively for your organisation, you can enquire below to discuss your remote learning options. All of our courses can be tailored to meet your organisational demands or we can build a course specific to your needs. Our team can work with you to schedule the training around your team's commitments.

How it works

Step One

Sign up for one of our popular remote courses by getting in touch with us directly or booking your spot on any one of the online course dates available. We provide a range of online management courses and online health and safety courses (availability permitting), they include:

Do you need an online course, delivered exclusively for your organisation?

We can offer the majority of our courses online, delivered to your people through Microsoft Teams - we can work with you to deliver:

  • Online management courses
  • Online health and safety courses
  • Online business skills and interpersonal skills courses

Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Step Two

Around a week before your first virtual session, you will receive an email with instructions on logging in to your own TSW Student Account which gives you access to the full online office 365 software suite.

Our Virtual courses are delivered through Microsoft Teams and you will be invited in to a team with other students on the course

Step Three

Get set up for your course a few days before by logging in, testing your camera and microphone settings and introducing yourself to the rest of the group through teams chat.

We know technology can be quite challenging at times. Our customer support team are at hand to help you with any course or technical challenges you may have.

The TSW Online Learning Environment


When you sign up for a course, you'll get instant access to our exclusive learning platform. The TSW Online Learning Environment extends your learning experience, so when you’re back at work and applying your new-found knowledge, we can continue to support you. Each course contains a wealth of resources, specific to your training journey, including:

  • Pre-event information
  • PowerPoint presentations used during the course
  • Guides and factsheets
  • 'Bites' of theory
  • Links to further reading and other media
  • Assessment guidance and support

Once you've logged in, you can gain access to Microsoft’s online software, your own email and Microsoft Teams. Your virtual course will be delivered through Microsoft teams, which is an engaging, seamless and easy-to-use video calling software. We utilise several modern apps such as digital whiteboards and online form assessments to ensure your learning experience in the cloud is as good as in the classroom.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is virtual online learning? chevron

Virtual online learning refers to a training course or learning event that is delivered online. Unlike e-learning, a virtual course is delivered 'face-to-face' through a cloud-based or desktop-based video conferencing platform.

Training courses will be facilitated by a trainer that is an expert on the topic at hand.

To access a virtual training course, you'll need to use an internet-connected device. You will be given access to some of the world’s best online courses from your laptop, phone or desktop computer.

Virtual online learning is the perfect learning experience for those who need to access training when they’re working remotely, can't get away from the office or are furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What software and equipment will I need for online learning? chevron

For our virtual training courses you will need:

  • A connection to the internet
  • An internet-enabled device, which could be a desktop computer, a laptop or a phone
  • A microphone
  • A camera, but it's optional - you can join in using just your microphone if you prefer

It's always good to have a notebook and pen, but you can also take notes using Microsoft Word or OneNote, or another note-taking app.

What should I expect in the run up to an online course? chevron

Once you’ve signed up for your online virtual course, we’ll email you with all the course details and your unique username to access the TSW Online Learning Environment. From here, you can review your online course materials and install Microsoft Teams.

If you have any queries between the time you book your place and the course start date, you will be able to contact our customer support team on


When will I need to log in for the course? chevron

As every online course is live, you'll need to log in on set dates and times to join the class. We'll tell you when you need to log in and for how long in your starter pack, which will arrive over email. If you can't make one of the sessions, please get in touch and let us know.

What can i expect on day one of my online course? chevron

Whichever online training course you are taking, you'll be asked to log in a few minutes before the session is due to start.

When everyone has joined the virtual course, you'll meet your trainer, your classmates and say 'hello' yourself.

You'll take a few minutes just to get comfortable with the learning environment and software - try and toggle your camera on and off, use the live chat and look at the interactive buttons, such as the whiteboard.

We're totally committed to making your virtual training experience as social and friendly as our face-to-face courses, so if you're not sure, just ask.

How can I join in and ask questions? chevron

Your trainer can hear and see you if you've got your microphone and camera switched on.

If you’ve got a question, there is a 'hands up' function in Microsoft teams meeting controls, which looks like:

Microsoft Teams Raise Hand Button for Online Learning

You just click the 'Raise your hand' button and your trainer will see that you wish to ask something. If you don't want to interrupt the trainer, there's also a live chat, so you can quietly send your question for the trainer to pick up later in the session.

How can I step out of an online training session briefly? chevron

If you want to make a cup of tea, for example, or the postman comes to the door, you can turn off your microphone and camera, but keep listening to the training.

If you think you've missed something important, it's a live training course so you can't rewind or pause what's going on, you can ask the trainer, or catch up later on, Don't forget that every online course is recorded so you can listen and learn on-demand after your virtual training is finished.

Everyone needs a virtual break!

We do take regular breaks during the sessions - the trainer will tell you when these fall at the start of the days. So, if you need to get something done or nip away it is always best to do it during the downtime.

Can I speak to the trainer outside of the online training event? chevron

Yes you can. If you think of questions after the session’s ended, you can speak to your trainer using the Teams course chat. Even though the live session has ended, your virtual classroom never closes. Just log on and ask your question, discuss with your peers and chat to your trainer at your leisure.

You can also arrange a call with your tutor, who will be more than happy to help.

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