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About Our Customer Service Training Courses

Our customer service training courses are expertly designed to develop organisations and their people toward delivering standout customer service. Our tools have been developed to lead delegates toward creating a lasting impression with their customers, both internal and external, recognising diversity to create a ‘Wow’ whenever the opportunity arises – and in line with the organisation’s values. The training is also created to help with breaking down existing silos, encouraging a joined-up inter-departmental approach to embracing customer service.

Lying at the heart of customer satisfaction must be a universal commitment to customer care; to truly achieve this an organisation people must take a LEAP of faith, embracing the fact that outstanding service in every ‘Moment of Truth’ will ‘Make a Difference’. A Moment of Truth being any occasion when a customer comes in to contact with the organisation.

Thus, we propose using the acronym LEAP - Listen, Energy, Attitude and Promise, that encourages participants to:

  • Listen - Listen & watch for opportunities to ‘Wow’ a customer
  • Energy - Be energised about every customer interaction
  • Attitude - Choose their Attitude at every moment
  • Promise - Make a service promise or commitment to go the extra mile

We actively encourage participants toward taking courageous action, going out to Wow every customer, every time. We want delegates to return to work with a focus on anticipating a customer’s needs regardless of the situation; for example, embracing LEAP they might foresee a complaint and contrary to typical behaviours and attitudes, they would bravely go and exceed their expectations. This represents a real change in the thinking of most people!

We love to work with organisations to develop bespoke programmes, tailored for your industry/sector and organisation. Our engaging customer service solutions and courses are your go to when your objective is to develop customer service excellence that is embedded and sustained. 

Our Customer service solutions are available exclusively for your organisation via our in-house training service - if you want to get straight in touch to speak to one our advisers please contact us now or call on 02921 680075.

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