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The majority of TSW's clients share common desires; to improve productivity, speed, revenues and so on. That same group of clients also have a desire to improve employee capability and performance, but they are unclear on how to achieve this. When we have a conversation about coaching or mentoring the response is usually, "we’d love to but don’t have the time".

TSW's Approach to Coaching

What if coaching wasn't considered an event, a meeting or a one-to-one, but rather an approach; something that was done 'in the moment' resulting in improved communication and an empowered, engaged workforce?

There are a range of models that work for workplace coaching however, we believe that on-the-job coaching requires an extra level of situational analysis and a considered approach to learning that goes beyond purely ‘coaching questions’; “you can’t teach your child to tie their shoelaces with coaching alone”, at least not initially.

Keeping it 'in the moment'

In response to our clients’ questions and our own observations, we have developed an approach that allows for performance improvement ‘in the moment’ and to be used as the day-to-day development tool for performance improvement. We provide people with the tools to coach and mentor as appropriate, highlighting that tools can be used in tandem for best effect.

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