Core Skills for Coaching

Duration: 2 Days

Coaching is cited as being the most effective development tool for Managers and yet, most don’t coach. Research also tells us that most employees would like to be coached and most don’t get receive any. One of the reasons given for not coaching is Managers often feel that they don’t have the skills. People find it hard to create new habits and yet coaching requires tools that we use every day.

This two-day programme is the perfect antidote to a lack of confidence. Highly engaging and provocative, the workshop is designed to give participants a thorough understanding of what coaching looks like and an opportunity to practice the required skills in a safe environment. This course is about practice and performance; participants are challenged to consider how they develop others, to become more self-confident and to ultimately coach more, for the good of their teams and the organisation they work for.

On and after the course, participants will be:

  • Applying a coaching approach for everyday use to develop others
  • Practice developing others in a safe environment
  • Demonstrating paying attention to performance and identifying coaching opportunities
  • Understanding differing learning needs
  • Using question to effectively explore learning option
  • Giving candid and direct feedback
  • Setting specific and stretching outcomes
  • Observing and evaluating performance and behaviour

This course has been purpose designed for new, existing or aspiring Team Leaders who might have the following job roles:

  • Supervisor, Team Leader, Section Leader
  • Manager of individual contributors
  • Manager of Managers

The objectives of this course are for organisations to achieve:

  • Consistent high-performing front-line teams
  • Lower absence and sickness rates
  • A more highly engaged workforce who embrace change more frequently
  • A culture that encourages involvement, innovation and growth
  • A pipeline of future potential managers

The facilitator will coach and assist participants to develop a personal application and development plan to implement on their return to work. This should ideally be shared with others in the participant’s development i.e. the Line Manager (Senior), HR Manager etc.

For maximum impact, it is important for participants to receive support following the event, but also to be held to account for the actions they have committed to during the course.

In addition, participants will have the facilitator’s e-mail details and they will be available contact them for four weeks following a course – in this time participants may send any queries the have relating to the course and how they can put their learning into practice in the workplace.

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