Core Skills for Management Course

This course is a highly engaging and practical development opportunity for line managers and middle managers. Available in the classroom, virtually and in-house.

What is the Core Skills for Management Course?

Often, people get promoted to manager roles because of their technical capability, but they lack the exposure, knowledge and skills to make a successful transition to management. We spend months, and sometimes years, being trained and educated to fulfil our roles as technical experts but when we get promoted we seldom get an induction in to our new role.

TSW believes that giving existing and newly appointed managers the tools to do the job at the outset is paramount to success as a manager and sustained high performance for the organisation.

Course Duration

This course typically takes place over two days.

When delivered exclusively for an organisation, it is often tailored to be longer or shorter, depending on specific needs.

Is this course for me?

This course has been purpose-designed for the new, existing, and aspiring line manager or middle manager. If you are looking for a course to develop management skills, you are in the right place. Typical roles held by people taking this course are:

  • Department, function or team manager
  • A manager of team leaders or supervisors
  • Line Manager
  • Business Manager/Office Manager
  • Operations Manager

Core Skills Course Content

In this business management course, you will cover the following content (which can be fully tailored for in-house customers):

The Middle Manager’s Role

  • Exploring what is required and expected of them as a manager of managers/individuals/functions
  • Gaining an understanding of the characteristics, attitudes and behaviours of high performing Managers and Leaders
  • Discussing practical ways to ensure understanding of organisational demands to meet expectations

Manager as Leader

  • Exploring the relationship and differences between leading and managing and when both might be applied
  • Discovering their personal leadership style and considering how they will adapt their style for a given situation
  • Thinking about their perception – how they see themselves and how others see them
  • Exploring ways in which they can deliver on leadership fundamentals of trust and authenticity
  • Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, then committing to development
  • Committing to exhibiting situational leadership through thoughtful action

Engaging the workforce for success

  • Identifying their peoples’ drivers to improve working relationships and performance
  • Communicating clarity of purpose to gain buy-in and improve engagement
  • Taking steps to stop ‘Chinese Whispers’ – ensuring the true message is received by the workforce
  • Examining practical ways, not theories, to maximise and maintain manager input and motivation - building a desire for results
  • Debating the merits of surrounding oneself with high performing people; the route to success as a manage

Managing the Performance of Others through Coaching and Feedback

  • Developing coaching and mentoring skills aimed at fostering high performance working across the workforce
  • Aligning performance to the organisational vision so the workforce understands why their performance is
  • Committing to a clear approach for setting clear performance expectations and deadlines
  • Practising providing candid, specific and difficult to discuss feedback, without delay

Managing Conflict and the Environment

  • Practising techniques for dealing with conflict and difficult people
  • Planning and establishing a positive working environment to minimise conflict
  • Planning how they will adapt their style for different situations

Core Skills for Management Training Course Dates

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  • 9/22/2022 9:00:00 AM
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    22 Sep 2022 - Virtual

    Core Skills for Managers

    Duration: 2 sessions - View Dates

    Core Skills for Managers

    Duration: 2 sessions
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    £450 + VAT per attendee
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    Course Schedule
    • Day 1
      22nd September 2022
      9:00AM - 16:30PM
    • Day 2
      23rd September 2022
      9:00AM - 16:30PM