Effective Communication Skills

Duration: 2 Days

This workshop will help you develop your communication skills in order to increase your effectiveness at work. It is aimed to help you better understand how you relate to others by developing your awareness of the essential skills needed to improve your communication in the workplace.

What the course will cover:

  • The purpose of communication
  • Methods of communication
  • Communication models
  • Understanding non-verbal communication and body language
  • Creating rapport and demonstrating empathy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Questioning techniques
  • Email etiquette

This course is intended for anyone who needs to develop their skills in communication. It is aimed at all staff up to, and including team leaders and management level.

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively with others through an increased awareness of communication styles
  • Identify and apply effective communication strategies and techniques
  • Understand the barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Understand how best to target your communication energy to individuals or departments for maximum benefit
  • Raise your awareness of networking skills and communication in order to increase impact and build relationships

Pre-course preparation & assessment

There is no pre-programme preparation required for this programme, though we would encourage the learner to consider the topic areas outlined and how they relate to their organisation and experiences.

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