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What is IOSH?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is the Chartered body and largest membership organisation for safety and health professionals.

They provide a range of qualifications that are delivered by health and safety training providers across the globe, built to provide practical tools and insights that help organisations and individuals create safer working environments.

TSW has been delivering IOSH training courses successfully for over 20 years, delivered through our open programme and in-house, exclusively for organisations and their staff. There is an IOSH course for all levels in your organisation.

IOSH training courses we offer include:

Health and Safety Awareness

Health and Safety Management

Why take an IOSH course?

Getting your staff qualified with an IOSH certificate, no matter which level, will help your people understand how to work together to keep everyone safe. IOSH qualifications are proven to help keep your business compliant with UK health and safety laws and a better place to work.

Undertaking IOSH training will help your business:

  1. Reduce hazards that cause injuries and absence through risk assessments
  2. Control risks that could lead to prosecution, sentencing and fines
  3. Standardise process for manual handling and harmful substance management
  4. Apply protective measures quickly
  5. Safeguard mental health and reduce work-related ill health

Who are IOSH courses for?

We recommend that every UK business invests in IOSH training. IOSH courses are useful for anyone that works with or alongside risks and will boost health and safety awareness within your organisation, saving you time and money.

Why choose TSW for an IOSH training course?

  • Health and Safety fundamentals - our IOSH courses are designed to give your people the skills, knowledge and understanding to work and manage safely
  • Tailored design and delivery - We can tailor an IOSH qualification to suit your organisation and it's people. We will work closely with you to ensure the course is delivered in the context of your business
  • Modes of delivery - Your IOSH course can be delivered via our open course calendar or exclusively for your organisation (in-house). The courses are available online, via Microsoft teams or as e-learning courses.
  • Engaging and non-academic - One of the most important things about health and safety training is that courses are delivered in an engaging fashion, ensuring that learners retain and apply their learning. We focus on what your people can do in the real world, not in a classroom. 
  • Dedicated support - our IOSH approved health and safety tutors provide ongoing support and mentor-ship, ensuring the best possible outcomes for individuals and organisations.

Pullmaflex Case Study

Pullmaflex's middle managers joined our IOSH Managing Safely course to deal with the health and safety challenges in their role and address the wider health and safety requirements of the business.

“We have used TSW previously and found that both the service and knowledge of the consultant was excellent. Managers now have a better understanding of health and safety risks, responsibilities and the importance of 'why' so they can communicate to their direct reports. The training met our objectives.” - Pullmaflex 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between IOSH and NEBOSH? chevron

IOSH and NEBOSH both provide market-leading health and safety courses and qualifications. Certification from either awarding body will provide a highly regarded accreditation and a range of skills and knowledge to improve health and safety in the workplace.

The main difference between IOSH and NEBOSH is who the courses are targeted at:

  • IOSH courses - designed for employees and managers who have involvement in health and safety but no direct responsibility. Also for those working in a lower-risk settings or industries.
  • NEBOSH courses - designed for those with a higher level of health and safety responsibility and those who wish to build a in health and safety management.

Both IOSH and NEBOSH provide the nationally-recognised qualifications.

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