NEBOSH Training Courses

Our NEBOSH courses help your managers and supervisors to deal with health and safety concerns across the business.

What does NEBOSH stand for?

NEBOSH stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety. Recognised throughout the UK, and further afield, they’re a leading qualification provider in health and safety management.

Who is a NEBOSH health and safety training course for?

Anyone who is responsible for health and safety can train for a NEBOSH qualification.

Typically, it’ll be for:

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Anyone who wants to further their health and safety career

How can NEBOSH help you progress your career?

Taking a NEBOSH course could set you on a new career path or help you progress in your current one.

NEBOSH is a widely-recognised awarding body, so having this on your CV could help you to secure more jobs in the future.

In 2019, nine out of ten employers were asking for NEBOSH qualifications when they were recruiting for health and safety positions, showing the high demand for this type of training.

The NEBOSH certificate can also help you to gain transferable skills, add value to the business you work for, and even renegotiate your salary.

Take a look at how else it can help you.

What categories of courses do NEBOSH offer?

NEBOSH offer courses in health and safety, environmental management, risk assessment, fire hazards, and more recently, wellbeing.

There’s a vast amount of NEBOSH courses you can take, depending on the skills you want to build, and the route you’d like to go down.

What level of courses are there?

There are four categories:

  • Award
  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Master’s degree

We currently offer NEBOSH courses at the certificate level to help people with any health and safety issues they may be facing, including risk management, and occupational safety. It provides a good foundation for those wanting to make their workplace a safer place for everyone.

Which courses do TSW Training offer?

We offer:

The General Certificate is suitable for managers who want to build their health and safety knowledge at the foundation level.

You could be learning about controlling hazards, minimising risk, and protecting your colleagues in the workplace.

The Certificate in Fire Safety can help you to look after your business and people, using global best practices to minimise fire risk.

You’ll learn how to conduct risk assessments, report, and control hazards, and make your business more aware of fire safety behaviour.

If you’re looking to bring more sustainable practices into your business, the Environmental Management Certificate can teach you how to control pollution, while the Construction Certificate will provide you with specific health and safety knowledge to suit a construction environment.

Why train with TSW?

"NEBOSH" Logo We have been awarded NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner Status, the highest level, due to our exceptional training standards.

You’ll be learning with one of our health and safety experts, including our very own Head of Health and Safety, Luke Pitt.

Luke is an esteemed tutor who holds two fellowships with the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, and The Royal Society for Public Health.

In the hands of excellent training advisors, you’ll walk away with the skills and knowledge to implement your own health and safety strategy in your workplace.

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NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety
NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety

Protect your employees, property and business from fire hazards and risk.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate
NEBOSH Construction Certificate

Give construction managers a comprehensive understanding of their health and safety responsibilities.

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate
NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

Manage, assess and reduce your company's impact on the environment.

NEBOSH General Certificate
NEBOSH General Certificate

Take your NEBOSH General Certificate training course with TSW, a NEBOSH Gold approved provider.

NEBOSH General Certificate in Health and Safety Online
NEBOSH General Certificate in Health and Safety Online

Go online and achieve the our Gold NEBOSH health and safety qualification.

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