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Your emotional intelligence report is totally customised to your EQ results. Your feedback will depend on your strengths and areas for development. Your report will include:


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Emotional intelligence is about more than just understanding and regulating our own emotions. It’s about connecting with others, navigating complex interpersonal dynamics, and influencing environments positively. 

You’re here so it’s likely you understand that high emotional intelligence can significantly elevate not just personal relationships, but also professional interactions and career trajectories.

Unlocking the full potential of those around you often begins with understanding and honing your emotional capabilities.

Are you curious about your emotional intelligence proficiency? 

Take a moment to embark on this enlightening journey by completing our EQ test. Dive deep and gauge just how attuned you are to the emotional frequencies within and around you.

This assessment will enable you to unearth:

  • Your proficiency in recognising and understanding emotions.
  • Your ability to manage and adapt to diverse emotional scenarios.
  • Your effectiveness in influencing and connecting with others through emotional understanding.

Don’t miss out on our free quiz and gain a comprehensive snapshot of your emotional intelligence. The insights could be your stepping stone to a more emotionally intelligent tomorrow.

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Don’t just take our word for it
Before diving into this emotional intelligence assessment, I was unaware of some gaps in my emotional intelligence.

Now, armed with these invaluable insights, I've been able to foster better relationships within my team and drive more effective results. This tool was truly a game-changer!
Michael R
Operations Manager
Taking the EQ quiz was eye-opening! It helped me pinpoint areas for growth and gave me actionable steps to enhance my emotional intelligence.

Since then, my interactions at work have been more positive and productive. I highly recommend boosting your professional relationships!
Samantha K
Works Manager
Navigating professional dynamics can be tricky, but understanding my emotional intelligence strengths and areas of improvement has been a revelation.

This assessment not only validated some of my strengths but also highlighted areas I can work on.

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Creative Director

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Your comprehensive emotional intelligence report is totally customised to your EQ results. This means the feedback will depend entirely on your strengths and areas for development. Your report will include:

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*The results from your test are indicative, based on TSW’s expert interpretation of the work of Daniel Goleman. This is not a psychometric test.*
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