E-Learning Training Courses

Every course in the TSW Open Programme can be delivered digitally via e-learning, remote training and distance learning. Our Digital Open Programme recreates the classroom experience online so you can easily access the UK’s most respected and recognised courses wherever you are.

TSW’s Digital Open Programme is our range of online accredited, respected and recognised courses. Signing up for an online course allows you to study flexibly, from a distance without attending an in-person training session.

The Digital Open Programme helps you to develop in-demand skills that are needed across the UK and around the world:

What is the difference between Virtual and e-Learning?

Virtual learning

The UK’s most respected and recognised courses are delivered in an interactive, live online classroom by our expert trainers. IOSH, NEBOSH, IEMA, ILM and many more of the world’s most well-known courses can all be delivered virtually. 


Pre-recorded modules and downloadable assets allow you to study for your qualification in your own time, wherever you are.


Virtual, e-Learning, Distance Learning and Training Remotely with TSW

To see the remote courses currently available for IOSH, NEBOSH, ILM, IEMA and more, please visit our course calendar.

The TSW Online Learning Environment

We use a range of software to deliver your virtual learning.

When you sign up for a course, you’ll get instant access to our exclusive learning platform. The TSW Online Learning Environment extends your learning experience, so we can continue to support you when you’re back at work, applying what you’ve learnt. Each course contains a wealth of resources, specific to your training journey, including:

  • Pre-event information
  • Power Point presentations used during the course
  • Guides and factsheets
  • ‘Bites’ of theory
  • Links to further reading and other media
  • Assessment guidance and support

Once you’ve logged in, there’s a module showing you how to access your course using your unique TSW account and username, and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is an engaging, seamless and easy-to-use video calling software, that allows you to see and talk to everyone on the call. 

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is online learning, where you sign up for a training course remotely and learn from wherever you are in the world. At TSW Training we offer you two types of distance learning: e-learning and virtual. To access our distance training, you need to use your internet-connected device to join one of our courses. We give you access to some of the world’s best courses from your laptop, phone or desktop computer. In 2020, we launched our suite of virtual courses, so that everyone can continue to access training when they’re working from home.

A supportive learning experience

We use a variety of techniques to support your e-learning, so you get as much from the course online as you would face-to-face. We use interactive whiteboards to demonstrate the course content, and offer you the chance to watch videos, read through slides and much more to bring course materials to life.

You’re not passively watching an instructional film from the archives – you’ll join a live virtual classroom, chat with the trainer and meet your classmates 

An interactive virtual forum 

You’ll also see, hear and speak to your trainer and classmates in real-time. You have the chance to play games and do group activities, discuss and get a real-world understanding of the course materials.

What software and equipment will you need?

You need:

  • A connection to the internet
  • An internet-enabled device, which could be a desktop computer, a laptop or a phone
  • A microphone
  • A camera, but it’s optional – you can join in using just your microphone if you prefer

What happens before the course starts?

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll email you with all the course details and your unique username to access the TSW Online Learning Environment. From here, you can review course materials and install Microsoft Teams. You can contact us over email at any time before your course starts using [email protected]

How will you know when to log in?

As every course is live, you’ll need to log in on set dates and times to join the class. We’ll tell you when you need to log in and for how long in your starter pack, which will arrive over email. If you can’t make one of the sessions, please let us know. 

What happens in the first session?

Whichever course you take, you’ll be asked to log in a few minutes before the session is due to start. When everyone has joined the virtual call, you’ll meet your trainer, your classmates and say ‘hello’ yourself. You’ll take a few minutes just to get comfortable with the learning environment and software – try and toggle your camera on and off, use the live chat and look at the interactive buttons, such as the whiteboard. We’re committed to making your virtual experience as social and friendly as our face-to-face courses, so if you’re not sure, just ask.

How do you join in and ask questions?

Your trainer can hear and see you if you’ve got your microphone and camera switched on. If you’ve got a question, all you have to do is speak up. If you don’t want to interrupt the trainer, there’s also a live chat, so you can quietly send your question for the trainer to pick up later in the session.

You need to step away from the training for a moment. What should you do?

You can toggle the microphone and camera on and off if you want to. If you want to make a cup of tea, for example, or the postman comes to the door, you can turn off your microphone and camera, but keep listening to the training. If you think you’ve missed something important, it’s live so you can’t rewind or pause what’s going on. You can ask the trainer, or catch up later on – every session is recorded so you can listen and learn on-demand if you need to. We do take regular breaks – the trainer will tell you when these fall at the start of the session.

Can you speak to the trainer outside of training?

Yes. If you think of questions after the session has ended, you can speak to your trainer using the Teams course chat. Even though the live session has ended, your virtual classroom never closes. Just log on and ask your question, discuss with your peers and chat with your trainer at your leisure.

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