Excellence – We pride ourselves on delivering service excellence

At TSW we set high expectations for ourselves and aim to exceed customer expectations at every turn. Our goal is customer service excellence, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve and strive to give our customers a service unmatched by others.

Pragmatism – We operate in the real world and not in an academic bubble, our solutions are hands-on with practical purpose

When designing a solution for you we ensure that we are operating in the real world, taking steps to understand the pressures and challenges faced by your organisation, as well as your desired outcomes, before designing a solution to fit the business and its people. 

We don’t do training for training’s sake, nor do we engage in learning activities that lack substance. We create learning solutions that are highly engaging, but always purposeful – if an activity doesn’t help learners create connections and translate learning to positive real-world outcomes we don’t use them.

Customer Focussed – We deliver solutions tailored to the needs of organisations and their people 

We work with our customers to really understand their business, their needs and their objectives (sometimes helping them to define these more accurately). We like to think of ourselves as a business partner or provocateur; our success comes from your success, so we take great steps to ensure we work in partnership to create the best environment for change and development.

Partnering - We build long term relationships with you, supporting both strategic and tactical learning needs

Training alone, will rarely create the desired changes in your people’s behaviours, attitudes and ultimately their performance. The most positive results come from a strong partnership approach. We will work closely with you to integrate formal learning solutions with positive people management and organisational development strategies within the organisation.

Impactful – Creative, engaging and interactive solutions with practical purpose and measurable outcomes

Learning and its transfer to the workplace happens when we are engaged, challenged and given the opportunity to practice. We work tirelessly to source and design solutions that create accelerated learning outcomes, getting learners from learning to application as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our goal is always to understand what ROI looks like for you, and then to deliver on that investment.