What are the benefits of apprenticeships for employers in Wales?

Apprenticeships are an amazing way to bring talented staff into your business and upskill your current workforce.

How do apprenticeships benefit employers in Wales?

Apprenticeships benefit employers in numerous ways. Here are just a few:

1. Help close skills gaps

Knowing how to close skills gaps is essential to giving your business the best chance of staying ahead of the competition. Apprenticeships can be tailored to your company’s needs so you can upskill your current workforce or recruit new employees to provide specialist knowledge.

2. Introduce new talent to the business

Nurturing an apprentice who can slot right into your business is the perfect way to introduce fresh talent to your team. Not only will they be trained in the way you’ve chosen, they’ll also likely be more loyal to you because you’ve given them the opportunity to learn and grow.

3. All levels to accommodate all employees

There’s a common misconception that apprenticeships are only for young people, but they’re relevant for all your employees at any level of the business. From entry-level staff to senior managers, almost anyone can benefit from an apprenticeship.

4. Futureproof your business

Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity to teach skills that will benefit the business in the future and help you to focus on succession planning. Most apprentices will have a mentor when they join the business and will eventually go on to mentor someone else when they’re more experienced.  

5. Can apply what they’ve learned straight away

Unlike other training programmes, students learn on the job during an apprenticeship. That means they can apply what they’ve learned straight away, doing things your way from the very beginning.  

6. Training personalised to your industry and business needs

The apprenticeship programme you put in place needs to speak to your industry and in particular, your business needs. We work with all our employers to make sure their apprentices are learning the latest theories and practices for their sector. In fact, 99% of employers said that the training we provided reflected the industry or sector they were in.

"Our Training Advisors work with employers and learners to work out the best way to deliver the apprenticeship. The best thing about it is that employers benefit from a training programme that’s tailored to their needs, without having to pay out large sums of money.

It means that everybody is able to access training, no matter how big their training budget.”
Sarah Elston
Quality Director, TSW Training

What are the financial benefits of apprenticeships in Wales?

Apprenticeships in Wales are fully-funded by the Welsh Government, which means employers don’t need to pay out for high-quality training that can truly benefit their business.

We know how complicated government funding can be, so we take the pain away by managing all of the paperwork for you.

Not only can you save on training costs, you can also save on recruiting too. We help you to find the right person for the role by working with you to write the job description and putting it out on the relevant channels to reach the best candidates.

What are the benefits for apprentices in Wales?

After years of working with apprentices, we’ve seen the benefits apprenticeships can have first-hand. Here are four ways learners can benefit from taking an apprenticeship:

1. The ability to learn and earn at the same time

Unlike a traditional learning pathway, work-based learning helps apprentices to earn a living while they’re studying. This can be really appealing to people who want to start making a living straight away and those who prefer to learn in a work environment, rather than in a classroom.

2. Opportunities at every level

The accessibility of apprenticeships gives people from lots of different backgrounds the chance to get started in a new career or progress in their current one.

3. Increases confidence, skills, and knowledge

Apprenticeships don’t just help learners to grow their skills and knowledge, it also increases their confidence in their role. With a training advisor there to support them, they can get a clear understanding of how to do their job effectively.

When compared to standard training, people on apprenticeships were more likely to feel secure in their job, be given more responsibilities, and say that their career prospects had improved.

4. Supportive environment to learn in

As apprentices are learning on the job, they’re surrounded by experienced colleagues who can help them. This environment is the perfect way to kickstart any career.

Developing skills and career prospects

Take a look at our glowing testimonials from apprentices in Wales.

Developing skills and career prospects

Take a look at our glowing testimonials from apprentices in Wales.

Who can sign up for an apprenticeship in Wales?

The eligibility criteria differs between occupations and the level of qualification, but in general, apprentices need to:  

  • Be 16 or over
  • Be paid at least national minimum wage
  • Be employed with you for at least 16 hours per week
  • Be fully committed to all the qualifications within the apprenticeship 

Just get in touch below and we’ll let you know who is eligible for what.

How can I work with TSW on my apprenticeship programmes?

We are experts in apprenticeships with over 50 years’ experience in the learning and development sector. We can help with everything from funding to recruiting so it’s easy to bring your new apprentices onboard.

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