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Embark on an exciting journey with our Warehousing Apprenticeships in Wales. 

Funded in full by the Welsh Government, these apprenticeships provide a fantastic opportunity for individuals working in warehousing, storage, or logistics roles across various sectors and environments. 

The apprenticeship allows apprentices to earn while they learn, providing them with crucial industry experience while gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

By intertwining work-based learning with classroom theory, our apprenticeships facilitate a deep understanding of warehousing operations and best practices. Additionally, as a Welsh Government-funded programme, our apprenticeship offers unparalleled value with all qualifications paid for.

With the global economy increasingly dependent on efficient logistics and warehousing, skilled professionals in this field are more crucial than ever. This apprenticeship programme, therefore, not only equips apprentices with critical warehousing skills but also prepares them for a resilient career path.

Are You An Employer?

Are you an employer looking to upskill your workforce or attract new talent? 

This fully funded apprenticeship programme could be a game-changing opportunity for your organisation. By investing in apprenticeships, you can enhance your team’s skills, increase productivity, and demonstrate a commitment to staff development. And what’s more, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Apprenticeship Options…

A New Manufacturing Apprentice

Recruit An Apprentice

You can recruit a new warehousing apprentice into your business. We can do this on your behalf, which is all part of the fully funded service.

Develop Existing Employees

Existing staff can access the warehousing apprenticeship too (Subject to eligibility). It's a great way to reward and develop exisiting talent - all fully funded.

Warehousing apprenticeships not quite what you are looking for? 

You may be interested in our Engineering or Manufacturing apprenticeship options.

To learn more about apprenticeships in Wales and TSW’s full offering, visit out main apprenticeships page.

Warehousing Apprenticeships in Wales 

Warehousing apprenticeships in Wales are available at Level 2. This is ideal for individuals in warehousing, storage or logistics roles across a broad range of sectors and environments.

Welsh Apprenticeships are planned around a framework of qualifications; the warehousing apprenticeship consists of three:

  1. NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage
  2. Essential Communication Skills at Level 1
  3. Essential Application of Number Skills at level 1

The Three Warehousing Apprenticeship Qualifications

1) NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Warehousing and Storage

This qualification is completed on the job, in the workplace. Evidence is gathered naturally from the work completed in their day-to-day role in conjunction with a TSW Assessor and through knowledge-focused tasks and questions.

The qualification consists of two mandatory units which are:

  • Health, Safety and Security at work
  • Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations

Optional units can then be selected from an extensive list to create a qualification that matches their role as closely as possible. Some examples of the units available are:

  • Process orders for customers in logistics operations
  • Assemble orders for dispatch in logistics operations
  • Pick goods in logistics operations
  • Place goods in storage in logistics operations
  • Wrap and pack goods in logistics operations
  • Keep work areas clean in logistics operations
  • Maintain hygiene standards in handling and storing goods in logistics operations
  • Maintain the cleanliness of equipment in logistics operations
  • Use equipment to move goods in logistics operations
  • Moving and/or handling goods in logistics operations
  • Use a forklift side-loader in logistics operations
  • Use a compact crane in logistics operations
  • Use an industrial forklift truck in logistics operations
  • Check stock levels and stock records
  • Keep stock at required levels in logistics operations
  • Operate equipment to perform work requirements in logistics operation
  • Maintain the safety and security of hazardous goods and materials in logistics operations
  • Receive goods in logistics operations
  • Process returned goods in logistics operations
  • Sort goods and materials for recycling or disposal in logistics operations
  • Contribute to the provision of customer service in logistics operations
  • Supervise the receipt, storage or dispatch of goods
  • Principles of food safety in logistics

2) Essential Communication Skills at Level 1

Apprentices will be exempt from this qualification if they provide a GCSE certificate for English Language or Literature at grade G or above.

3) Essential Application of Number Skills at Level 1

Apprentices will be exempt from this qualification if they provide a GCSE certificate for Maths at grade G or above.

Eligibility Criteria

The Welsh Government provides a set of apprenticeship eligibility rules that determine whether an employee can access funding. These rules are subject to change, so please consult our Advisors for the most up-to-date advice.

Individuals must be employed in a suitable and relevant role to complete the manufacturing apprenticeship.

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Are You an Individual Looking For a Warehousing Apprenticeship in Wales?

If you are an individual looking for an apprenticeship in Wales, we advertise our apprenticeship vacancies with the following:

There are other online portals where you may find apprenticeship vacancies, but Careers Wales is a great starting point.

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