Management Training Courses

Management training courses and ILM qualifications delivered throughout the UK, to develop high-performance behaviours. In-house and public courses.

Management training courses delivered by TSW

Over the past 50 years, TSW has continuously developed and improved a range of management courses to reflect the changing world of work. We strive to make each of our courses more impactful, engaging and practical.

We have a range of management training courses that cover the core skills required by managers at different levels and in different areas. These are available in our:

Our most popular courses for managers, including line management training:

Why choose TSW?

Management training courses designed and delivered by TSW are not the typical chalk-and-talk courses you might have experienced or heard of in the past.

Our courses are not simply driven by theory and models, they are highly practical and geared toward making better managers.

What you get from our manager training courses

We design management training programmes that inspire attitude change, behaviour change, practice and performance.

Whether on one of our open courses or an in-house course exclusively for your organisation, you will experience:

  • highly practical management training, developing management skills and know-how that can be applied immediately in your manager role
  • participants being challenged to consider how they lead and manage, to become more self-aware and to ultimately do things better
  • highly relevant learning content and materials that ensure managers understand how they can apply management tools and techniques back at work

ILM management training courses

As an Approved Centre with the Institute of Learning and Management (ILM), we offer a range of management qualifications that cover a variety of management levels and skills.

Our ILM qualifications are known as Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs), which means they are highly practical and focussed specifically on the role of a manager. They are aimed at developing the skills and knowledge needed by managers and supervisors so that they can perform at the highest levels.

ILM courses targeted at Managers include:

Level 3 and 5 ILM management programmes are popular for new and aspiring managers and supervisors at the relevant levels.

Bespoke management training programs

We also have a long history of developing bespoke management courses specifically for an organisation. We work closely with you to develop contextualised programmes that align with cultures, processes, strategy and other important areas of a business.

Great managers need interpersonal skills

The best managers need a wide range of interpersonal skills in order to be truly effective. In addition to the wider management skills courses we offer, we design and deliver many interpersonal skills training courses.

Here are just some of our most popular courses:

Find out more about management development, with the insights and articles in our blog. Just some of our articles on the topic of management include:

What is management training?

Management training is a learning and development activity focused on developing the skills, knowledge and understanding of Managers so that they can better fulfil their roles.

Management training programmes are not to be confused with Leadership programmes, which focus on the skills needed to be a leader. It is important to understand though that management development will most often include leadership since great managers will also have leadership skills.

Many training programmes forget the importance of attitude in becoming a great manager. A good management training programme will include a good helping of self-reflection and assessment, allowing managers to consider their strengths and areas for development.

People undertaking Management training can be at different levels; they may be aspiring managers, experienced managers and anything in between. They may also be line managers, responsible for a person or team of people, or a functional manager, responsible for a particular area of work.

Management training does not have to be delivered in a classroom, there are many ways to develop a manager including:

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Awarding Body
Coaching Skills for Managers Course
Coaching Skills for Managers Course

Become confident in coaching your team on an engaging two-day course

Communication Skills Training
Communication Skills Training

Communicate effectively with colleagues at every level of your business

Core Skills for Management Training Course
Core Skills for Management Training Course

Develop core management skills and learn how to lead your team effectively

Core Skills for Team Leaders Course
Core Skills for Team Leaders Course

Learn the core skills you need to be a successful team leader

Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Finance for Non-Financial Managers

The perfect finance intro for any person who needs to understand the importance of finance to business health and survival.

HR Skills for Line Managers Course
HR Skills for Line Managers Course

Develop decisive people management skills to get the best out of your team

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