IEMA Courses – Environmental Management & Sustainability Training

Environmental management & sustainability training courses to give your businesses the expertise to reduce its carbon emissions and work towards net-zero & green transition.

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TSW Training is one of only 80 training providers approved to deliver IEMA courses.

We provide a suite of environment and sustainability principles training courses that give individuals, teams, and businesses the skills they need to achieve net-zero and green transition goals.

IEMA Courses

Explore our Sustainability courses, including IEMA-accredited courses, and learn what they could do for your business:

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What Could IEMA Courses Do For Your Business?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability and environmental management are not just regulatory requirements but integral components of strategic advantage and brand differentiation.

This is where IEMA courses come into play. As businesses strive to align their operations with sustainable practices, IEMA offers comprehensive training and certification programs designed to elevate environmental performance across various organisational levels.

Business Benefits

For businesses, IEMA qualifications signal a profitable green transition and a positive push towards net zero. The benefits are significant:

  1. Elevate Sustainability Expertise: IEMA courses upgrade your team’s skills in sustainable practices, setting your business apart as a sustainability leader through enhanced decision-making and value creation.
  2. Increase Competitive Edge: IEMA certification marks your business as eco-friendly, attracting new clients, securing existing ones, and providing an edge in environmentally-conscious tenders.
  3. Stay Compliant and Manage Risks: Keep abreast of changing environmental laws and reduce risks with IEMA courses, avoiding fines and protecting your reputation and operational stability.
  4. Improve Operational Efficiency: Learn to optimise environmental performance for cost savings across your operations, from reducing resource use to minimising waste.
  5. Boost Employee Morale and Retention: IEMA courses show investment in your team and environmental values, enhancing satisfaction and retaining talent.
  6. Strengthen Reputation and Brand Value: Adopting IEMA standards enhances your public image, signalling your commitment to environmental responsibility, boosting your brand, and opening new opportunities.

Business Benefits Case Study

Invacare’s Health Safety Environment Officer, Ian Price, recently took an IEMA course with us. Here, he talks about the difference the training has made to his organisation:

Ian enrolled on a fully-funded IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course. He has ambitions to become an IEMA practitioner, so he can lead Invacare towards sustainability and meet its Sustainability Development Goals (SDG).

Speak with our friendly team to see how your business can become more sustainable. 

What Is IEMA?

IEMA, or The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, is a professional body for environmental practitioners worldwide.

Recognised globally, IEMA is known for its commitment to promoting and supporting excellence in environmental management, sustainability, and climate change mitigation

It provides independent research, resources, tools and training to support its members and learners, to change attitudes towards sustainability.

Who Are The IEMA Courses For?

IEMA courses come in various forms, with qualifications suitable for all organisation levels and abilities. There are several strategic and operational courses to choose from.

Whether you are introducing brand new sustainability roles into your business, attempting to apply green processes to achieve efficiency and resilience, or making an impact in your market, IEMA training will help you achieve those goals.

What is IEMA Membership?

IEMA membership indicates a commitment to environmental management and sustainability, highlighting dedication to professional growth, industry standards, and a community of professionals.

Members gain access to resources including industry news, development tools, networking, and exclusive research.

In addition, IEMA offers qualifications and certifications covering foundational to specialised areas like impact assessment, EMS auditing, and sustainability strategy.

What Can I Do With IEMA Membership? 

There are different levels of IEMA membership, each with a set of benefits tailored for professionals. Taking IEMA qualifications can help you become a member, for example:

As an IEMA Associate or Practitioner, you’ll be able to access a range of benefits including:

  • Invites to member-only events
  • Discounts on industry events
  • A catalogue of webinars and essential reading 
  • Access to regional networks 
  • Latest news straight to your inbox 

Will IEMA Training Future Proof Your Business?

Relevant qualifications from an accredited provider like TSW will future-proof your business in two ways:

  1. IEMA qualifications prove you are working to best practice standards
  2. They can be applied as a fiscal tool, reducing your energy overheads and applying processes that achieve a faster and more efficient approach

What Will You Learn During An IEMA Training Course?

Each course offers insights into effective environmental management and techniques that will make your workplace more efficient and sustainable and perform with impact.

You’ll leave each course with a deeper understanding of:

  • Compliance surrounding environmental skills
  • The risks your business may encounter without adequate environmental credentials
  • The opportunities that arise when you focus on increasing business performance, efficiency and impact
  • The techniques and strategies you can apply at a strategic or operational level to achieve environmental goals and solve problems relating to poor sustainability

Case Study: DS Smith

TSW Training recently worked with DS Smith to develop the skills and expertise they need to transition to a more sustainable future and thrive in the green economy.

James Nicholl, a trainer at TSW, has seen demand for these courses rise dramatically in recent years.

He says: “Companies understand the value of training. They know it’s all well and good to have a grand vision for decarbonisation, but unless your staff are equipped with green skills, their strategies will not be achieved.”

Why Choose TSW Training?

  • TSW Training is one of only 80 approved IEMA training providers.
  • Our IEMA Trainers are all experts in their field, all selected for their real-world experience.
  • Full 24/7 support throughout your study
  • Virtual, classroom and online/E-learning options to suit
  • Available in-house, delivered for your organisation whenever and wherever you need it
  • Independently reviewed 4.8/5 on Coursecheck

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Search Our Courses

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IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management
- A 15 Day Course
- From £2995+VAT Per Person
This 15-day course provides existing environmental and sustainability managers with a deep knowledge of environmental and sustainability issues and how they can drive organisational change.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

IEMA Certified
IEMA Certified Internal EMS Auditor
- A 3 Day Course
- From £725+VAT Per Person
This 3-day IEMA auditing qualification focuses on real-world, value-adding auditing techniques against ISO 14001, but is also relevant to key standards like Green Dragon, and BS8555. Perfect for all internal auditors.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers
- A 2 Day Course
- From £450+VAT Per Person
This 2-day IEMA accredited course is ideal for team leaders, supervisors and managers who oversee organisational improvements in environmental sustainability. A gateway to sustainable change.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce
- A 1 Day Course
- From £225+VAT Per Person
This 1-day IEMA accredited course is designed to introduce workers, regardless of role or sector, to environmental sustainability. Giving practical environmental skills, this qualification is accesible for all.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management
- A 5 Day Course
- From £995+VAT Per Person
The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is a 5-day entry-level environment and sustainability qualification. It's perfect for those new or early into environment or sustainability projects or roles.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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IEMA Pathways to Net Zero
- A 2 Day Course
- From £450+VAT Per Person
The IEMA Pathways to Net Zero is a 2-day course that gives clear guidance ways to respond to the climate crisis. The course provides leaders with a an overview of environmental sustainability as it affects industry and work.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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