Train the Trainer Course

Training trainers to be highly effective in developing people in the workplace and beyond

What is a Train the Trainer Course?

A train the trainer course provides the knowledge and skills needed to deliver successful training for adults.

This Train the Trainer course is designed as a ‘fundamentals’ workshop for those who require the skills to train adults, whether full time or as part of their job role. It provides basic training techniques and encourages a dynamic and flexible approach to training delivery.

You will study the key theories of learning, allowing you to better understand how people learn, retain and transfer knowledge. You will explore learners’ needs and preferences, considering how best to design and deliver training that is impactful for all.

You will explore the training cycle, a systematic approach to learning design, delivery, assessment, and evaluation.

When training the trainer, we provide instruction, coaching, and feedback to develop high impact corporate trainers, who can engage their learners, increase learning retention and bridge the gap between learning and application.

Who should take a train the trainer course?

The course is for full-time or part-time trainers, subject matter experts, supervisors, managers and anyone who is required to provide training in a classroom or on-the-job setting.

How long is the course?

The train the trainer course is typically a two-day course, but shorter and longer versions are available to cater for specific needs and levels of detail required.

In-company training

If you are representing a business, this course can be run exclusively and tailored to suit your specific learning requirements and organisational needs. Costs are dependent on number of days required and bespoke content. If you wish to discuss your needs, you can enquire below.

What will the course cover?

  • Introductions and objectives
  • Understanding learning and learning styles – how do different styles affect how we learn?
  • VARK Styles
  • The training cycle
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Learning assessment – assessment principles, formative and summative methods
  • Communication techniques for training
  • Listening to respond
  • Questioning skills for trainers – asking probing, open and closed questions
  • Learner motivation and engagement
  • Domains of learning – Knowledge, skills and attitude
  • Training and learning methods and activities
  • Setting aims, learning objectives and outcomes (Using SMART targets and action Verbs)
  • Training session planning
  • How to give effective feedback using the BOOST feedback model
  • Evaluation of training
  • Creating the right training environment
  • Reflection on learning
  • Delivering a training session and using the resulting feedback to identify strengths and areas to work on

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand their own role and responsibilities in relation to training others
  • Understand appropriate and relevant training and learning approaches
  • Promote learner participation and involvement by using effective listening and questioning techniques in a training session
  • Evaluate personal training strengths and areas to work on
  • Define the factors that promote learning
  • Demonstrate their session planning skills
  • Understand the use of different assessment methods
  • Provide effective feedback to learners

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