Business Admin Apprenticeships in Wales

Fully funded Business Administration Apprenticeships in Foundation Levels 2, 3 and Higher Level 4 (Diploma)

Business admin apprenticeships are work-based learning training programmes, designed to give administrators in every setting a diverse range of skills to help them fulfil their roles, responsibilities and duties.

The success of any Business Admin relies on a diversity of both inherent and learned skills. Business admin apprenticeships aim to develop and refine both, gaining new abilities at each Level.

The apprenticeships are for anyone working in relevant roles, but the appropriate Level will depend on your length of service and experience in the field.

Business admin apprenticeships

TSW Training offers three apprenticeships in Business Administration in Wales, all awarded by City and Guilds:

Level 2 Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Level 2 is an entry-level qualification, open to existing Business Administrators, or those who aspire to work in the role.

To get a closer look at this apprenticeship, download our complete guide to the Level 2.

As an overview, the Level 2 Foundation is made up of four qualifications:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration
  • Communication Skills level 1
  • Application of Number Level 1
  • Digital Literacy Level 1

To achieve the full diploma you must achieve a minimum of 45 credits, split across a group of mandatory and optional modules.

The mandatory units give you a solid foundation in the principles of Business Administration:

  • Communication in a Business Environment
  • Understand Employer Organisations
  • Principles of Providing Administrative Services
  • Principles of Business Document Production and Information Management
  • Manage Personal Performance and Development
  • Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues

The optional units sprawl the wide-reaching duties and responsibilities fulfilled by a Business Admin, covering leadership, digital, systems management, presentation skills and more.

You can pick and choose the most appropriate units for your workplace to get the most from the apprenticeship.

Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration

This is the perfect apprenticeship for people in general administrative roles.

Get to grips with the apprenticeship in our comprehensive guide to the Level 3.

Four qualifications make up the apprenticeship:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration
  • Communication Skills level 2
  • Application of Number Level 2
  • Digital Literacy Level 2

To complete the Level 3 Business Admin, you must earn 58 credits from a selection of mandatory and optional units. The themes of the mandatory units build on those at Level 2:

  • Communicate in a Business Environment
  • Manage Personal and Professional Development
  • Principles of Business Communication and Information
  • Principles of Administration
  • Principles of Business

The optional units cover topics like recruitment, managing customer enquiries and complaints, and market research. you can pick and choose the most relevant units so it’s synonymous with your role and setting. 

Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Business Administration

The Level 4 Business Admin apprenticeship is a degree-level diploma. It’s pitched at experienced and senior administrators, who plan workload and are responsible for complex duties.

Download our guide to the Business Admin diploma to get the full details

The apprenticeship consists of five qualifications:

  • NVQ Level 4 Diploma in Business Administration
  • BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Business Administration
  • Communication Skills Level 2
  • Application of Number Level 2
  • Digital Literacy Level 2

To achieve the diploma in Business Admin, you must achieve 57 credits from a selection of mandatory and optional units. The mandatory units reflect the complex tasks you may encounter in your day-to-day work:

  • Resolve Administrative Problems
  • Manage the Work of an Administrative Function
  • Communicate in a Business Environment
  • Manage Personal and Professional Development

The optional units are similarly sophisticated, focusing on project management, budget and audit management, risk management and other units which can be tailored to the needs of your role and business. 

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The business service you can’t be without

At TSW Apprenticeships, we believe that every step of the apprenticeships process is about quality. The right qualification, the right learning support and the right employer support.

Our service promise to you:

  • We ensure the apprenticeship is relevant to and will enhance, the roles within your organisation
  • We’re committed to stretch and challenge your apprentices to be high achievers
  • We’re passionate about employer engagement and we’re on the learning journey with you for the duration of their qualifications

What you get from TSW Apprenticeships

Employer apprenticeship consultation

Our experts visit you to discuss your teams’ needs. You have the chance to ask about the business administration apprentice programme and map out the learning outcomes for your business.

The aim is to deliver a learning roadmap that enhances your company performance and service by furthering education. We’ll help you digest all of the details, identify the staff ready for development, or help you recruit new talent.

Awareness sessions

We use this time during the apprenticeship to set expectations with your candidates. Your Training Advisor will plan out your journey to success, the standards you’ll be measured against, and what support you’ll get from your coach and your company. It sets expectations about the time and energy demanded by the childcare apprenticeship and the qualifications within them.

Health and safety appraisal

We’ll visit your place of work and conduct a mandatory health and safety check. It proves you’re working in a safe environment, suitable for apprentices and TAs. We manage the appraisal entirely – all you need to do is show us around. Once we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s, it’s valid for four years, so you can easily take on more apprentices, or bring other qualifications into your childcare environment.

Support when they need it

Our assessors are available via email, text and WhatsApp to support your apprentices.

Employer Engagement Visits

Feedback and evaluation help us to see how successfully the learning is transferring into your organisation, so we can help you measure the returns. 

That’s why we book in a six-month Employer Engagement Visit health check with you and your apprentice.

We walk the candidate through a quick survey, where we discuss their learning experience so far and the quality of the programme. The questions are standardised, so we can collate and compare data between organisations to apply real adjustments.

Then we review with you to see if the programme is meeting your expectations, whether you’re able to engage with the apprentices and their work, and if you’ve noticed the candidate demonstrate knowledge and competence. 

Coaching for the apprenticeship key themes

We’re on hand to support you with any queries as the apprenticeship progresses.

If you sign up for an apprenticeship in Wales, you’ll learn about key themes embedded in its curriculum. The key themes are consistent across every apprenticeship in Wales.

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At TSW we are passionate about helping people and organisations meet their full potential.

Make an enquiry and one of our dedicated Learning Advisors will contact you to listen to your needs and help you find the right solutions.

Your Learning Advisor will support you by:

  • Listening to you carefully, to understand your needs and any problems you are trying to solve
  • Asking you questions to help us determine the right solution for you
  • Providing advice, information, and pricing according to your requirements
  • Identifying when one of our in-house experts needs to speak with you, to provide more specialist advice

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