HABC Level 2 Award in Fire Safety

Duration: 1

The Level 2 Award in Fire Safety allows candidates to develop their basic fire safety awareness. It is particularly useful for employees who are to have a designated responsibility for workplace fire safety, for example as fire wardens or fire marshals, and provides the knowledge that will allow them to carry out duties to fire safety and emergency procedures.

Those gaining this qualification will know that fire safety is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace and will recognise the consequences of a fire in any premises.

The course will cover

  • Background to fire safety legislation
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • An introduction to fire risk assessments
  • Action to be taken on discovering a fire
  • Action to be taken on hearing a fire alarm
  • The means for giving warning of fire
  • The means for fighting fire
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire protection
  • Arson control
  • General first safety awareness

The Level 2 Award in Fire Safety is aimed at anyone involved in the management of fire safety in any workplace. This includes managers, supervisors, team leaders, fire wardens (marshals) and staff working in any area where there is a potential risk of fire.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • State the principle of duties of responsible persons (fire marshal’s and fire wardens)
  • Understand key terms and definitions of fire prevention
  • Understand the principles, key concepts and importance of fire risk assessments
  • Understand the background to fire safety legislation, and the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005
  • Explain the need for fire prevention and fire protection to ensure the safety of all persons on their premises


Pre-course Preparation

There are no pre-requisites for this qualification. 


A 30 multiple question choice examination will take place at the end of the course.

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