An NVQ provides you with work-based training and an opportunity to demonstrate competency through observation of practice

What is a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)?

An NVQ is a work-based qualification that recognises the skills and knowledge a person needs to do a job. They give people the opportunity to work, reach a required level of skill and gain a qualification that is nationally recognised.

These work-based qualifications combine theoretical knowledge with practical skill developments, providing learners with the appropriate competence and skills to progress in their role and reach higher levels of performance.

We deliver NVQ’s in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Leadership and Management
  • Team Leading
  • Advice and Guidance
  • Education and Training
  • Customer Service
  • Administration

How much does an NVQ cost?

NVQ costs vary depending on the levels and subjects that are undertaken.

Funded NVQs:

We are often able to offer funding to subsidise a range of NVQ’s – if this is of interest to you and your business please enquire.

What are the benefits of undertaking an NVQ?

Benefits for your organisation:

  • A cost-effective way of developing staff to a nationally recognised standard
  • Provides you with proof of the candidate’s capability to do their job and provides a useful framework for assessing staff competency
  • On the job training and evidence gathering mean less time off the job than with other types of learning
  • NVQ’s have been shown to develop skilled and more motivated people, leading to higher performance and productivity
  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality, which can have a positive impact inside and outside of the organisation
  • Ensures your people are up to date with industry standards and best practice, knowledge that can be shared in your organisation to drive up standards
  • NVQ’s can promote reflective practice and drive commitment to continued professional development
  • Commitment to people development and investment in staff can improve staff retention

Benefits for your people:

  • A flexible route to becoming qualified in the workplace, with no written examinations to sit
  • Achieving an NVQ can increase confidence and increase motivation to work
  • Provides an opportunity for practical demonstration of skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Gain recognised qualifications to demonstrate that the national standard for an occupational role is being met
  • Improved employability and transferability, opening up future opportunities for progression within your business
  • Access to a recognised qualification for employees with no other formal education, creating recognition of their knowledge and skills
  • Working with an experienced and qualified assessor who can become a mentor and trusted adviser

Industries and Sectors we Deliver NVQ’s in:

  • Contact Centres
  • Financial services
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Charity and Third Sector
  • Engineering
  • Health and Social Care
  • Retail
  • Government

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