The Executive Coaching Process

Our one-to-one and group coaching process delivers measurable results. All our coaches are certified in our processes and tools to ensure consistency and quality.

Our coaching process is flexible, tailored to your exact requirements, but will most often flow as follows:

Stage 1 - Determining Outcomes

We will facilitate expectations, roles and objectives for everyone (the employee, the employee’s boss, human resources, the TSW coach)

  • Discussions with key participants to gain a common understanding of the process and specific deliverables, time-frames, reporting methods, and confidentiality
  • Focus to identify and tie development goals to the individual’s business objectives
  • Emphasis on partnering with both the individual and the organisation creates an environment of support and collaboration that reinforces the benefits of the process

Stage 2 - Gathering Information

We will gather and assess information about the individual’s current leadership behaviour and potential, communication style/skills, work/life values, ambitions and other values, as appropriate

  • Use of a variety of approaches and instruments during this phase, including validated assessment tools, 360° and individual discussions with key stakeholders.

Stage 3 - Creating Strategy

We will work with the individual and management to develop and implement a tailored action plan designed to develop skills and strengthen leadership behaviour.

  • Creating specific, measurable developmental actions and strategies to demonstrate progress toward goals.
  • Consistent communication and feedback between all parties

Stage 4 - Following Development Strategy

We will follow the tailored action plan by taking action steps to achieve its goals and time-frame.

  • Action steps include formal learning and informal developmental, performance, and/or career-related activities.

Stage 5 - Measuring Results

Observing and evaluating success factors is critical to success and satisfaction. 

  • Our coaches will solicit examples and evidence of observed growth and behavioural change, and will debrief with the client, his/her manager, and HR management to ensure that success is acknowledged, to gain closure, and to determine potential follow-up actions
  • TSW uses formal and informal feedback tools to ensure that the client and manager are satisfied

If you would like to find out more about how coaching can help you and/or your organisation contact us now or call on 02921 680075.