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Man writing his PIEMA Assignment Writing

IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management (PIEMA) Assignment Writing Guide

Image showing the concept of greenwashing, showcasing the stark contrast between genuine environmental conservation efforts and deceptive greenwashing practices. The composition highlights the misleading nature of greenwashing, with one side depicting a vibrant, flourishing environment and the other dominated by industrial elements, superficially cloaked in eco-friendly imagery. This visual metaphor encourages viewers to look beyond surface-level claims to understand the true impact of these practices.

Greenwashing 101 – What Is It, Examples, and More (Explained)

COP28 – Outcomes, Reflections and the Future

IEMA Green Careers Hub Background

Pioneering a Greener Future with IEMA’s Green Careers Hub

new generation green skills

Equipping The Next Generation With Green Skills

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