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Leadership training courses and ILM qualifications delivered throughout the UK, to develop high-performance behaviours. In-house, public & bespoke courses.

Are you on the hunt for leadership training that actually delivers?

If you’re tired of cookie-cutter programs that promise the world but fall short on impact, you’re in the right place. At TSW, we redefine what leadership training should be — tailored, impactful, and aligned with your unique organisational needs.

Before we dive into our transformative solutions, let’s take a hard look at the persistent challenges that are likely keeping you from unlocking the true potential of your future leaders.

Leadership Training Challenges You Face

In an effort to develop effective leaders, HR and L&D professionals encounter a mountain of challenges. And they hinder the growth and development of aspiring leaders within their organisations.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • There’s a lack of context and relevance in traditional leadership training programs. The one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. It doesn’t address the unique challenges and requirements of different organisations.
  • The Technological aspect of leadership training presents a double-edged sword. Technology is vital for enhancing modern learning, but not when it’s more show than substance.
  • Customisation of leadership course content. Off-the-shelf solutions can lack the depth and focus needed to address the distinct leadership challenges your organisation faces.
  • The challenge of measuring the impact of leadership training is like chasing a moving target. Without clear outcomes, the ROI of training programs remains ambiguous.
  • The prevailing one-and-done approach to leadership training, the excessive focus on theoretical knowledge, and the high costs you get with ‘quality’ leadership development programs worsen the problem.

All this leaves HR and L&D professionals in a tough spot.

The Leadership Development Problem

We should not underestimate the consequences of these challenges because they lead to significant gaps in leadership skills and misalignment with organisational goals. Worst of all, a substantial drain on resources with little to show in terms of tangible results.

The quest for a more effective, practical, and cost-effective leadership development solution becomes crucial. Finding the right answer will address these challenges and let leadership thrive.

Your Way Forward with TSW

Our leadership training solutions address the unique challenges and goals of your business. As such, we believe in a holistic approach that breaks from the traditional limits of leadership training.

But, what does that mean? It means…

  1. Relevant and Contextual Training: We design leadership programmes based on a keen understanding of your organisational context, to ensure that training is relevant to real-world challenges your leaders face.
  2. Effective Technological Integration: We leverage technology to enhance the learning experience and ensure it serves the core objective of cultivating capable leaders rather than being a mere accessory.
  3. Bespoke Content: Tailor-made leadership content that will align with your business ethos, goals, and the specific challenges that your leaders need to beat.
  4. Impact Measurement: With our design process we determine clear goals and evaluation tools to measure training impact on your leaders and the organisation. The goal is your ROI.
  5. Continual Development: Unlike the one-and-done approach, our programs promote ongoing development, ensuring your leaders grow with every new challenge.
  6. Cost-Efficiency: Our competitive pricing coupled with the high value delivered ensures that you receive a significant return on your investment.
  7. Practical Application: Our training bridges the gap between knowledge (and theory) and practical application, to ensure we equip your leaders to take action and develop their leadership potential.

With TSW, you won’t just get a course; you’ll invest in a partnership committed to nurturing the leaders who will drive your organisation’s success forward.

Our expertise is your asset. Together, let’s redefine what effective leadership training looks like and propel your organisation into a future of unparalleled success.

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Leadership Courses Delivered Where You Need It

Whether you want your leadership courses online, in a physical classroom, or in a field, we can help. We deliver training where you want it and when you want it.

We have off-the-shelf solutions available that we can tailor to your very specific needs. They’re available as:

*Rated 4.8 out of 5 by over 3000 learners on Coursecheck, TSW Training has been a trusted and established leadership training provider of choice for nearly 60 years.

Online Leadership Courses

With remote working and employees situated in different areas, we know how difficult it is to get all your people in one room.

Our leadership training and coaching delivery through Microsoft Teams means you can take your company’s leadership development online. We have delivered thousands of virtual courses, to people throughout the UK and across the world. 

Classroom Leadership Courses

Our expert leadership trainers and specialists come from all corners of the globe. And that means we can send a trainer to you if you prefer to have people together in a room.

We take all of the hassle out of the process; from booking rooms to starting early or ending late. Nothing is too much bother.

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Leadership Courses

ILM approved learning provider logo

TSW is a long-established approved Centre with the ILM. And with that, we offer a range of leadership qualifications that tackle a variety of impactful topics, skills and levels.

Our ILM qualifications are Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs), which means they are highly practical and focus specifically on the role of a manager. They aim to develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed by leaders so that they can perform at the highest levels.

Our ILM courses (designed for Managers who aspire to become better leaders) include:

Get Your Leadership Training Program Recognised by ILM

Join hundreds of our clients who have taken advantage of ILM’s recognition service.

Get your leadership development programmes quality assured by the ILM or have us design one. We do all the work to get the ILM stamp of approval. With it, you get your leadership course the credibility it deserves, and your employees get a certificate with ILM’s branding. Read more…

TSW’s 5 Leadership Programme Principles

Because your approach is unique to you, we base our learning methods on 5 basic leadership principles:

  1. Leadership is not a job title or exclusive to senior management. No, it’s a tool anyone can use when they want to inspire and affect change
  2. Leadership often shows up in times of change or crisis, and done well can avoid the latter
  3. People follow people and not titles. Leadership is a contact sport that requires leaders to make meaningful connections with those they intend to lead
  4. In a time of change, the role of leaders is to provide direction, provide the ‘playing field’ and the rules of the game, then get out of the way
  5. The 5th principle is that the greatest tool in your leadership toolbox is the ability to communicate, well. When this tool fails, Leadership dies!

Using the 5 principles we coach participants to use strategies and tactics to make connections, set the rules of the ‘game’, create the playing field (the environment) and communicate skillfully.​

Why Choose TSW Training?

Leadership training courses designed and delivered by TSW Training are not your typical chalk-and-talk courses. Our courses are not simply driven by theory and models, they are highly practical and geared toward making better managers.

We design training programmes that inspire attitude change, behaviour change, practice and performance and include a good helping of self-reflection and assessment, allowing managers to consider their strengths and areas for development. 

Whether on one of our open courses or an in-house course exclusively for your organisation, you will experience:

  • Practical leadership training, developing high-impact skills and know-how that can be applied immediately in your leadership role
  • Participants are challenged to consider how they lead and manage, to become more self-aware and ultimately do things better
  • Highly relevant learning content and materials that ensure managers understand how they can apply management tools and techniques back at work

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Awarding Body
Awarding Body
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Coaching Skills for Managers Course
- A 2 Day Course
- From £+VAT Per Person
Become confident in coaching your team on an engaging two-day course



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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Communication Skills Training
- A 2 Day Course
- From £500+VAT Per Person
Communicate effectively with colleagues at every level of your business



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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Core Management Skills
- A 2 Day Course
- From £500+VAT Per Person
Develop your core management skills with our highly interactive and engaging course



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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Core Skills for Team Leadership
- A 2 Day Course
- From £500+VAT Per Person
Learn the core skills you need to lead teams toward success



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers
- A 2 Day Course
- From £500+VAT Per Person
The perfect finance intro for any person who needs to understand the importance of finance to business health and survival.



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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HR Skills for Line Managers Course
- A 2 Day Course
- From £+VAT Per Person
Develop decisive people management skills to get the best out of your team



**Also available in-house, exclusively for your organisation.**

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